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The anecdote about the family
Colleagues at work ask a woman: - What do you think? To the point look and don't even talk to us. Received from her husband a text message: "stale Pancakes, could only eat 2 pieces". Here I sit now and...
the anecdote about officials
Our officials went to exchange experience abroad. Them well taking over sitting in the bath thumps Hennessey. Our in shock from such a reception. - Where are the funds? - There you see the bridge? - Y
Russian General
Rain. Dirt. General is going into the army. The road sees a stalled truck part. Well, okay, so be it - need help. Climbed into the chauffeur and began to push. Carting in the mud, but the truck pushed...
About salary
Discussed with the husband the topic of salaries: - Yes, for the money I paid, I should just come to work and do not strain. Would pay 30 thousand - could be at least half a day of hard work. 40 thousand - the whole day would have worked and even leftist are not distracted...
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A tricky act
There is a new Russian in a Swiss Bank: Bros, give the year a loan of $ a hundred. - Please, under three percent per annum, and the required Deposit. - A lot of problems. Here at the door of the 600-th "Mercedes" worth it, here are the keys...
driver girl
Standing on the side of the highway, a police officer sees a car traveling at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. He sits in his car, stops the car and sees inside five pale older women with wide open eyes...
Brave hare
He runs a herd of wild boars in the forest. Suddenly out of the bushes comes a hare podborany and says: Fat, stand. Boars shocked stop.
About fishing
The fishermen go to the lake. On the way to greet an old grandfather. — What, grandpa, there are fish in the lake? — Yes, where do she go! Spent the whole day at the lake — caught nothing. Return — the same grandfather...
Russian grandfather
Grandfather worked in a slaughterhouse. Well, the meat and dragged myself through the checkpoint, hiding, somewhere. Passion and grandfather loved fried calf's udder, and so on passing not caught - hiding in my pants...