How many times have you tried to start a new life on Monday or the first of January? It's time to act! Come to the channel, there are published clear and understandable steps on how to make your life the one you dream about.

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Childhood: Interference in Communication-2

Childhood: Interference in Communication-2
Www.Pexels.Com/ru-ru/photo/207653/ Childish stuttering, how to behave? Rule number one, do not undermine the self-esteem of the child by ending the sentence for him or making him understand, wrongly, that he is inferior to others, because he is not at all...

Childhood: interference in communication-1

Childhood: interference in communication-1
www.pexels.com/ru-ru/photo/264109/ Childhood disorders Fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger, strong emotions that children must learn to manage, but they do not always succeed, often because the external environment and / or family situation does not help them...
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