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That the skin needs better care in winter is as clear to us as the water in the South Seas. But other areas also suffer more than usual from cold temperatures. Besides the hair (psst, here you will find the best tips for the right hair care in winter), these are above all our nails. They are more sensitive and therefore need more attention. What nail care should look like in winter, I'll tell you today. But, before we devote ourselves to the right nail care in winter, I'd like to say a few words about the causes...
27 October, 2019
Women chanel about everything
What for some women lipstick or nail polish from luxury labels like Chanel or Dior is for others a handbag, just the best companion of a woman. How do the shapes, colours and materials of handbags change? And which designs are really still trendy? That's what it's all about today. Here come the handbags trends 2019 Bags made of natural materials From the end of January this longing for warmer temperatures and the first rays of sunshine slowly rises in each of us. Some of us may even be thinking about our summer holidays...
26 October, 2019
Women chanel about everything
In the 70s the so-called popular scientific futurology developed. At that time, it was mainly management consultants and advertising experts in the USA who offered their results on the global trends of the future in books, consultations, seminars or other meetings for the masses. Today, trend research goes much further and the focus is not only on companies, media, technology and advertising, but also on fashion, interior design and beauty. Two of the best-known representatives are Matthias Horx and Li Edelkoort...
25 October, 2019
Women chanel about everything
We are constantly changing. Whether it's our job, our own development or our look. Much depends on current trends. Our hair is not immune to this either. Every season new styling, hair colors and cuts await us here as well. But what are the hairstyle trends for 2019? Get ready for the new cuts, colors and styling... Here they come! 1st Rounded Bob 2019 is all about the round bob. In contrast to the classic A-line bob, or the blunt bob with affiliated tips, as it has been seen a lot in recent years, it will be back in the 50s in 2019...
23 October, 2019
Women chanel about everything