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Genuine Gem
The War of 2020 In the year of our Lord 2020, the battleground was no longer across a wide and vast battle field. The soldiers did not charge across green meadows of grass and rock, their long swords drawn with their courage charging toward their human enemy. There was no enemy line that stood ready to battle and challenges them in the opposing distance...
17 December, 2020
Genuine Gem
The Noise Stopped The day I found out I had cancer, is the day the noise stopped, I call the noise-mind talk. It is a noise we become accustomed to. So accustomed to that we don’t notice how loud the noise is until it’s gone. You can call it your thoughts, pre plans of your day, or life; it is the noise of mind talk...
15 December, 2020
Genuine Gem
One longgggggggggg sentence to capture the early morning sounds of birds C & T anyone? Chirp, chirp, chirpy chirp they go, high then low, never surrendering just chirpy- chirp, chirp; “quiet” is never heard, determined with their words, on and on and on and on and on and on they go; chirpy, chirp, chirp, chirp, chirpy chirp, chirp, chirp; tweety, tweet, tweet, tweety, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweety chirp, it aches, throbs my head, no zzzzzzzz’s for me, just chirpy chirp, chirpy chirp, chirpy chirp, feathers fall, silence doesn’t, it’s gone forever and ever, it’s gone, lost, never to return, just chirpy...
8 June, 2020
Genuine Gem
How do you use your vision? The misuse of vision Have you ever treated someone differently because of the size of their liver? Have you ever been rude to someone because of the size of their feet? One of these objects you can see while other is hidden, deep within the structure of a human being. Vision, a beautiful gift and function of many species. For some animal species it allows for pro-active hunting, for humans we recognize others from a distance and enjoy the colours of the world. Ask any blind person and they would share the beauty of the world can be appreciated by touch, but those who had sight and then lost it, will tell you it is the colours they miss...
5 June, 2020
Genuine Gem
Then a room full of gloom? The first “smile” section of this poem, my Grandma shared with me. She kept a small book of inspirational poetry in her nightstand. It was anonymously written in the early 1900’s. I find it very inspiring in its simplicity of words. I love the cadence of the words and I expanded on it. The power of both words and the effect of emotions can have within a room is so influential...
29 May, 2020
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Genuine Gem
I do. I looked across the way and saw them, all hanging in a row. Brilliant pink and white dripping from a lush green branch. The heart shaped flower, all puffed up and marvellous. When touched, so fragile to my finger tip. The bleeding heart flowers are a gift to my eye. Thank you. My Bleeding Heart bush comes from my Grandmother. She has long since left this life, forever present however, with a quick glance of the heart shaped flower. The flower emblem of COVID-19 for me is the bleeding heart. I remember of the importance and impact of our elderly generations and how blessed I was to have experienced life through the eyes of historical wisdom...
24 May, 2020