Watch Digital content without Internet

Technology Companies across India are working to find ways in delivering digital content to the end user without internet.

What !!

Yes, In India today there are still many parts of the country where the Internet is either to slow and not at all available. While trying to build a solution to deliver content for these remote locations, Companies in India have started working on digital content delivery without the use of Internet.

Infact Google themselves have started working on similar technology and trying the same in the philippines.

Concept is simple, however building a country wide eco-system for the same gets complex and requires large CAPEX.

The working product in India works over WiFi intranet. After connecting to a WiFi access point the maximum data throughput a smartphone can deliver today in 2017 is 500Mbps over 802.11ac dual band. So you show digital content stored in memory locally attached to your WiFi access point and remove the requirement of the Internet.

While the content will be limited to say 1 or 5 TB, depending in the storage used, the content can intelligently be refreshed using the internet when available, or overwrite old content in the storage using a one-way satellite data distribution process.