Artificial tree, buy not regret


Decided to write a little post, not dedicated to game development, but with regard to marketing and advertising. These posts I'm going to mark #NotGameDevPost.

Sometimes you need to pull away from the project to look at their work from a different angle.

It would not have seemed a strange choice of topics, but I addressed the issue of selection of Christmas artificial Christmas trees.

Strange theme for the month of October, it's not just a coincidence, but the question that I have in the coming months. At the same time I will address the question of promotion, not only Christmas trees and marketing.

My old tree was terrible. Why did this happen? With every touch of her eating the needles are falling off. It was made on technology "a toilet brush". I can say that this is not the best choice. Thin needles are ground with a wire and fall in whole handfuls. Therefore, the choice of new eating, I went more thoroughly.

Background. Create a list of recommendations.

Let's start and see what you should pay attention when choosing Christmas artificial Christmas trees for your home or office.

To form a list of recommendations, I went to the online stores where looked at what focuses the attention of the seller. And what information he thinks is important to share it with my buyer. I can say in advance that the findings are not encouraging.

Most sell the illusion of the holiday, but completely omit the specifics. Of course I understand that most people try to sell us a "Hole in the wall, not the drill." But you can not really lose touch with reality.

People choosing a product focused on the relation quality/price. The price of everything clear in 90% it is clear, if the course does not begin to emerge unexpectedly paragraphs with extra charges.

As for the quality, the useful information is absent in principle. Often this is a couple paragraphs about how good You will be after purchase and your life will be filled with new colors.

The next item is a table of dry numbers, which is not always clear is good product or not, but allows to compare in a numeric value.

But in my experience the comparison of the tabular data is not always appropriate. For example, the selection tree. There are two trees have different number of branches. One more "Model No. 1" the other is correspondingly less "Model No. 2". Which is less expensive and picture looks times better. The question arises what. If you compare the features, then there is clearly winning model No. 1!!!

After talking with sellers Vladimir all became clear. It turns out that the number of branches is not always indicative of quality, much more important point is the long needles and "fluffiness". The model No. 2 long needles 9 cm when second of 4 cm is Obtained a situation where the model 2 has spent two times more material with fewer branches.

In this situation, it becomes clear that to compare table characteristics are not the best option. Begin to create a list.

A list of recommendations

As I wrote above, the list will be based on the collection of information sites, online stores and add a pinch of personal experience after owning a Christmas tree!

Choice online stores trees were very simple I was in search for "artificial Christmas tree to buy." The choice of stores is scarce, but a few instances I found.

Like I do not like.

Of course first and foremost on our choices affect the appearance of spruce. If El liked it, then that's enough. Buy and finish this article.

But look at the beauty of each person individually, this criterion is not suitable for the list.

You can always highlight the features of the product and to determine how likely this product will like it and how it affects attraction. Tree in this issue is no exception. First we'll look at what is in the tree.

Visual elements:

1. Branches and needles

2. The barrel and stand (legs)

3. Mechanism Assembly

Branches and needles

1. Branches with PVC film. One of the most affordable options. Virtually no flaking, but spruce with branches looks very poorly and shabby. The situation improves increasing the number of branches, but this increases the cost and equates to the pine trees from other materials. .

2. Branches with fishing line. Fluffy and cheap. Based on personal experience on the best option for eating. Showered and takes a lot of space when storing. With the purchase of each twig is packaged in cellophane, after the withdrawal volume is increased to two.

3. The branch cast resin needles. Expensive and not showered. The branches are made of plastic similar in feel to the silicone. When fir made of cast branches it looks a little shabby, as the branches are not very fluffy and long needles a little. But in this situation, saves the version of the combined branches.

4. Combined branches with PVC film and cast needles. The best in my opinion option. Front branches made of plastic material, which shape is similar to identical branches, and the rear part of the branches of the manufactures of PVC films. If I understand correctly this allows the manufacturer to reduce the cost and at the same time make spruce very fluffy.


Here the choice is small, but there are nuances. All the trees I've seen have a metal or plastic barrel (short fir). If you do not expose El a serious challenge, I do not think that there will be problems with the operation of the gun.

Move on to the nuances. Wanted to pay attention to the processing of the trunk, on the cheap models have trunks without painting with visible rust. Especially at the edges of the pipes. It is desirable that the trunk was painted with paint or on more expensive models is painted with powder paint for best protection.

When purchasing from wonder storage tree. Ate there with a sealed trunk or consisting of 2-3 sections.

Mechanism Assembly

1. Fixed fasteners. Branches attached to the trunk without disconnect. One of the smaller cons, the Assembly will need to bend each branch separately and look for the most attractive position.

2. False branch. A very simple mechanism. On each label there is the letter label which layer to insert, and you as the designer harvested spruce. Problems can arise when these labels will be lost.

3. The mechanism of the auto pickup of branches. The branches are mounted on special hinges that allow you to fold the tree for storage, and when the branches become automatic to the position and all that is required of a person to fluff twigs.

All the mechanisms of the fasteners are reliable and do not cause issues. Conceived from the choice of mechanism depends on the speed of the Assembly ate. The mechanism of the auto-opening of branches allows to assemble and disassemble fir 5 minutes. The rest you can spend up to 1 hour.

Invisible features. Security


Above, we talked about the external structure of spruce and to determine the quality of its elements should not be too difficult. While not visible to our things can seriously hurt or ruin a holiday.

Special attention should be paid to the materials from which is made the tree. Unfortunately most of the poor firs sin this using of plastics recycling with a strong toxic odor.

When you purchase eating should pay attention to the certification and compliance. If spruce blurted out of toxic materials, imagine 10-15 days she can fill the air in your apartment harmful elements, especially in the winter when apartments are rarely aired. I don't think it can lead to poisoning, but the negative health effects will have.

I decided on the model where food is used plastics for manufacturing. These ate more expensive, but the damage is minimized.

Also should pay attention to the material of the branches, but in the presence of artificial snow made from what he. The snow that I saw is applied by spraying on branches and when you zoom in you can see how it is small and easy to scatter around the apartment. The best in my opinion material for the snow is 100% cotton as the model for "Christmas Tree with snow 3D. Platinum v2.0"

Fire safety

In the new year using firecrackers and fireworks and Christmas light you should not forget about fire safety. The last thing you want to the holiday was spoiled. Cheaper models often are no worse than burning dry grass. Quality trees are used as the materials do not support combustion. If a sudden there was a fire, it will prevent the spread of fire. So don't forget to ask the seller!

The final list of recommendations to buy artificial trees.

Very briefly.

1. Material branches PVC Film + Cast needles. A good combination of quality/price.

2. Metal barrel with painting and collapsible sections. For convenience and long term storage.

3. The mechanism with inserted branches or auto analysis. For quick Assembly and disassembly of the Christmas tree.

4. Tree quality materials without strong smell and presence of the certificate. For safety. Preferably food grade plastic without secondary raw materials and, if there is snow 100% cotton.

5. Material or impregnation does not support combustion and spread of fire.


Below I will show an artificial Christmas tree that you intend to purchase in the near future. A link to the store with snow-covered trees or store with other Christmas trees.

And leave a recommendation for online shopping.

It is very important that when you view the item card in the store, the customer can obtain clear and understandable information that will help determine the choice. Answer questions, often the client may not ask yourself, but will continue to reject the competitor's models, because it is more professional in the selection.