Cirrus Shower Review. Revolutionary Water Consumption.

2 June 2017

Cirrus Shower Review. Revolutionary Water Consumption.

Design... Design of this product is just amazing. We spent too much time, to be honest, to choose this product for the review. And design was the convincing point.

Let's talk about competition first. We've seen a lot of showers and showerheads that were focused on water efficiency. For example, E-Shower ( is pretty successful bringing high-tech to classic products.

Cirrus Shower is not a newcomer to this market and it has leaders to follow. This product is doing good bringing unique features: design, heat efficiency, nano-filters, easy installation and design. Yet bringing also questions.

- How will clod work? Will you be covered with water or the whole bathroom?

- Our basic physics education at school tells us, that the smaller the object - the faster it will give it's heat. Does it work with heat efficiency claimed by Cirrus?

- Filters will be a product you will have to constantly buy. It's not a one-time purchase.

Water efficiency is important for not only the World itself, but for your budget. And $100 purchase can be payed back very quickly. We would give this product a try in case it fits you bathroom design.