Fittbo: Innovative Lunchbox. Review.

Explore Crowdfunding is focused to bring you review of the product. And “view” in this case should be stressed out. Just take a look at this product… Our favorite is black version.

We try really hard to stay healthy – we do sports, keep our carbs/fat/protein balance, try to keep ourselves active. There are too much temptations around us screaming – DO IT! FORGET ABOUT YOUR DIET! And no matter how strong we are help is needed. This product here, bringing amazing design, helps us to keep enjoying your healthy food on daily basis. Your lunch is now a little bit more fun.

If you take a look at the rest of lunchboxes for grownups you will be surprized how ugly they are. This is a product people do not want to use, but we still have to. Another point is that these lunchboxes are either huge or leak.

Another point that came to our attention cutlery that goes with Fittbo. Сutlery is really important. Most of the products on the market do not provide any, others (including premium) provide plastic. You have to carry with you a pair, or store it were you eat (at work, for example). What should you do in travelling? Or if you want to take lunch at park?

Eating is a process that you do not want to take compromises. Fittbo went really deep in to needs of such people and gave us amazing design. Let’s hope that production materials will not disappoint us.

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