Choosing a career. Future ambitions.

"Where would you like to work?", "what university do you want to enter?", "how are you going to become successful?" - all these questions are always asked by our friends and parents. When you are young, you, obviously, have to choose your own future career. There are 2 main criterios in choosing a job: salary and conformity of your interests.

One day Confucious said: "choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life". I absolutely agree with this statement, but in our contemporary life we certainly need to earn money. You can ask me: "How to get a high-paid job?" At the first sight, the only thing you need at school - burn the midnight oil. But let's think outside the box. Nowadays people interpret a failure of school education and if a person wants to be successfull in his future career, he has to improve appropriate skills.

Let's imagine: you finished a school and graduated from a university. So, what will be the next step? Firstly, match your preferences and opportunities. Ask yourself: "What do i want?" and "what can i do?" Consequently, you will understand what kind of a job is for you.

All in all, youngsters have to realize that choosing a future career is as important as studying.

There are many students who choose a university at first. But to my mind, youngsters have to choose their future job at first.