Ecex Exchange (ICO)

A huge number of people use the Internet. On the Internet, you can find a lot of information and communication, but this is not the whole list of things, many users using the Internet and online exchanges can sell and buy assets, currency. Such people are called traders, it is for them that a project like Ecex Exchange is created.


Many people are not sure how safe online platforms are for trading crypto-currencies, despite the fact that many of them are really safe and reliable. These online platforms can be used to provide advice on trading crypto currencies, as well as to track all your transactions. The Internet made it possible for everyone to trade in Crypto-currencies. There are a wide range of online trading platforms for crypto-exchange exchanges, and the best are those that have good security and offer impartial information and advice. As a rule, the most secure are the platforms that are used or provided by large financial companies. One fall may be that for these platforms large companies may require a large initial deposit. You are also not limited to using the platforms that form your country of residence.

You can use any platform that you want, although you can get confused with the different laws of the countries. These laws and regulations can sometimes cause problems, which is why many platforms will allow only those who are residents to use this platform. Professionals will use their own type of crypto-trading platforms, and they are very different from what you will find by doing a preliminary search on the Internet. You should study which platforms other crypto traders use, and read the reviews and notice the advantages and disadvantages of each program. Crypto-exchange trading platforms that are serious, and some of the best programs are those, which provide not specific information about training, but also free information about the various available foreign exchange markets.

There will not be any hidden costs, as everything will be clear before. A good online trading platform, the crypto exchange will not provide any recommended strategies, and they do not promise you a high profit using their platform.

About Ecex Exchange

The goal of PlanetZiggurat is to speed up the execution of Ecex tasks. Exchange (Electronic Exchange of Claims) is an exchange stage. We will fill the hole, making the market area, the framework for the dynamic exchange of task assentions. This involves changing the owners of a huge amount of strife and records, for example, lawsuits, requests and examinations of each individual joint task.
PlanetZiggurat is committed to 1 million transactions per day by the end of the third year. Project revenue will come from services, including: trading fees, issuer data verification systems, digital signature, membership fees, etc. The cash flow will be similar to the stock exchange business. The only difference will be in the instruments and a number of agreements.

The Cex Exchange platform is an online blockbuster-innovative stage of concessions (guarantee, accounts receivable, assentions calculation, transfer cases, etc.) that can give the user:
• The ability to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and other contracts insurance.
• Various aid administrations have identified with the proposal and buy through trade, and give the right to practice of the clients to understand their own prerequisites regarding applications.
• Chanceto ensures the security of orders and the use of Zigurat crypto currency for domestic payments.

It is quite common that everyone exchanges, buys, offers his price. It's easy, every financial specialist can buy shares, and he expected that it goes beyond the electronic market, how the coordination takes place on the stock exchange and what the results are in the account, then the deals are finally over. However, in an environment that is mostly the same as a stock trading system and is collected only for cases, rights and receivables, it works on the task of prerequisites, has incredible potential results, spreads around the world and wins customers around.

Information about ICO

• Season: from November 20, 2017 to April 19, 2018
• Name of the token: ZIG;
• Standard token: ERC-20;
• Cost of the token: 1 ETH = 2400 ZIG;
• Totally issued tokens: 531 million ZIG;

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