Hashcard - Review of ICO

In recent years, the world of the blockbuster industry has literally burst into our lives and opens up incredible, new opportunities for our society. An increasing number of people come to this industry, more and more money is being attracted, projects are being launched. 

The market of crypto currency is growing exponentially. All online stores, as well as large retail chains, where you currently buy, are on the verge of integrating methods of block-payments. 

Today I will share with you a very interesting ICO - Hash Card converts crypto currency into traditional currency in real time and is accepted by tens of millions of outlets and ATMs!

 Hash Card converts crypto currency into traditional currency in real time and is accepted by tens of millions of outlets and ATMs. Easy to use and excellent functionality Hash Card. 
Hash Card converts crypto currency into traditional currency in real time and is accepted by tens of millions of outlets and ATMs. Easy to use and excellent functionality Hash Card. 

Hash Card is a card that really works in everyday life. 

The Hash Card can be used in more than 30 million retail outlets around the world. It can be used both in virtual and in physical space.

When using Hash Card, exact interbank exchange rates are guaranteed. The absence of commission fees means that in real terms the cardholder receives savings of up to 7% compared to the cards of large banks.

Hash Card accounts can be replenished instantly and without commissions using crypto-currencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. From the fourth quarter of 2018, replenishment will also be available through the currency of the currency.

Hash Card is very easy to use for shopping. Through the mobile application HashApp you can monitor the balance of ETH, BTC, ETC, USD in your wallet.

There is also the possibility of exchanging crypto currency for US dollars and the dollar balance. This option is ideal for those who are afraid of the instability of the crypto-currency market.

Access to accurate interbank exchange rates is free and free, and there are no monthly or annual payments for using the Hash Card. The only fee is a commission of 1.75% from all transactions (transfers and exchanges) of ETH, BTC and 2% of commission fees for using ATMs.

The ultimate goal for the Hash Card is to add the maximum possible amount of crypto currency. Concept Hash Card is to make cryptocurrency part of everyday life for people with a convenient user for iOS and Android-purse in conjunction with a debit card. The goal is to use the crypto currency more and more like using the usual fiat money.

Thanks to the Hash Card, users and the entire ecosystem benefit. The mission is to use more and more crypto currency and use it with the help of Hash Card around the world. Deposit - just decide which crypto currency you would like to deposit: NEM, Cardano and Stellar are on the list of more than 25 altcoys that are available for replenishment of your Hash Card account. Your Hash Card allows you to exchange traditional currencies (EUR / USD) for crypto-currencies and back, profitably using exchange rates.  Storage - crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash, are stored on the most secure lock-wallets. Your Hash Card wallet is available both on the iPhone operating system and Android, and is fully protected by Multi-Sig, SSL encryption and two-factor authentication, providing you peace of mind and easy access to managing your crypto-currency assets. 

Features of HashApp: Authorization on various devices, Translations between purses, Create your crypts!  Expenses - Hash Card converts your crypto-currencies into a traditional currency in real time mode through instant exchange at the most profitable rates. Payment and withdrawal of funds can be made at any place where VISA / MasterCard cards are accepted. 

  • November 2017 - The birth of the idea of ​​the Hashcard project
  • December 2017 - Negotiations with issuers of debit cards in Asia
  • January 2018 - The first round for investors and discussions about partnerships
  • February 2018 - MVP (minimum work product) cards and wallet, creating a legalization structure.
  • March 2018 - Website, Wallet and beta test Maps. Public announcement at Crypto ICO Summit (Zurich, CH)
  • April 2018 - White List and ICO and pre-ICO
  • May 2018 - White List and ICO
  • Q3 2018 - NFC Payments, Support for various currencies, Virtual Card, Gold / Platinum / Black Cards
  • Q4 2018 - EU issuer backup, compulsory licensing, internal currency
  • Q4 2018 - Corporate and Salary Details of selling tokens

Classification: Utility-token
Type: ERC20 token
Total tokens: 150,000,000 * Harddrive
: $ 9,000,000 / 90,000,000 tokens
Soft Cap: $ 3,000,000 / 30,000,000 tokens
Price: 1 HSHC = 0.10 USD
Issue: 72 hours after the end of the sales of the tokens

Token distribution:

  • 60% For Sale
  • 16% Reserve
  • 15% Team (Frozen for 18 months)
  • 5% Advisers (Frozen for 12 months)
  • 4% Bounty

The total volume of 90,000,000 HSHC tokens, which is 60% of all tokens, will be offered for sale. All unsold tokens will be burned.

Dates: May 1, 2018 - June 12, 2018  

Buy HSHC tokens: https://hashcard.io/ , The free card is included for a deposit of more than $ 100! 

website: https://hashcard.io/
whitepaper : 
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