Review ICO StopTheFakes - protection against counterfeiting and copyright infringement will provide reliable protection of copyright

The developers of the project want to say "no" to infringement of copyrights and counterfeit. This decentralized service is designed to find violations and ensure the reliable protection of the right to intellectual property. The rightholder shall make an application. It indicates which violations users should look for. For work, the latter is entitled to compensation. The data is protected and can not be changed, it also disappears. This is ensured by the technology of blocking, and the commitments made guarantee smart contracts.

On what principles is the project based?

Unsurpassed reliability. Offenses are not simply identified. The safety of information is ensured, the impossibility of changing it.

Decent speed. The rapid detection of violations contributes to reducing the losses of the right holder. Criminals should always stay one step behind.

The mass. To perform this responsible work, an entire army is involved, which includes regular users. It does not matter in which region the person lives, what he prefers to acquire, in what language he communicates. Everyone is able to identify this or that offense and notify the given owner of the fact.

Comprehensive cooperation. Public organizations, trade associations have joined forces with ordinary users who are not satisfied with the state of things in the field of intellectual property rights protection.

Accessibility for everyone. The possibility of using the service is provided not only to large corporations, but also to individuals, small entrepreneurs.

Transparency. The service works in full accordance with the law. Nothing is withheld. Data is publicly available. Confidential information remains the same.

Global scales. The fight against violations goes around the world.

When the technology of blocking and the market did not exist, there was no possibility to implement these principles in practice. The developers of the project became the first who put innovative technologies to protect copyright.


Those who want to protect their rights, just go to the site and make an application. With her acquainted performers, who immediately begin to work. The application is always valid. The information is searched until the criminals are punished.

None of the systems is able to provide such a low cost of detection. There is no difference what needs to be found. These can be sales outlets, pirated resources, counterfeit products and so on. attracted many performers. Those who are burdened by reading instructions, studying the interface, can contact the office.


For their efforts to find criminals, users are generously rewarded by rightholders. Everyone who has a PC or a smartphone at his disposal has the opportunity to become an employee of the cyberpolicy. Henceforth, there was a reason to comply with the laws and report on violations wherever it should. Users are encouraged not only to improve the world, earn good money, but also compete with other users. The one who is recognized as the most active and effective, will receive a bonus, bonus, other preferences.

How it works

About STF tokens

STF is designed to ensure the functioning of the service. The release of the tokens is established on the Etherium. The team intends to carry out its activities on its own detachment. Smart contracts act as a guarantee of protecting the platform from outside interference.

STF seems to be an extremely effective tool. With its help, participants are given the opportunity to send and receive signals.

There are plans to create twenty-nine million tokens. Issue of additional coins is not provided. Five hundred twenty STF are valued in one etherium.

Pre-ICO and ICO

There are no restrictions on the purchase of tokens. For payment, bitcoins and etherium are accepted.

Pre-ICO started on the twenty-first of November, two thousand and seventeen, and will be held on the twentieth of December. Realize one million three hundred and five thousand coins. The size of the minimum transaction is defined as one-hundredth bitcoin or one-tenth of the etherium. There are bonuses.

In the first two days, the bonus will be forty percent. From the third to the tenth day, users will receive a 30% bonus. From the eleventh to the thirtieth day, the bonus will drop to twenty-five percent.

ICO will hold from the twenty-first day of January two thousand and eighteenth year to the twentieth of February. It is planned to realize twenty million two hundred and seventy-one thousand tokens. Expect to sell one million six hundred seventy-one thousand STF. The minimum transactions are the same as for Pre-ICO. Bonuses are also provided.

On the first day, the bonus is determined at fifteen percent, and from the second to the tenth day at ten percent. From the eleventh to the twentieth day, a five-percent bonus is offered. From the twenty first to the thirty-first day bonuses are not provided.

Fifty-four percent of the funds raised will go to the development and development of infrastructure, and eighteen percent for marketing. Ten percent was determined for operating expenses, eight percent for analytics and research. Six percent were allocated to solve legal issues. Four percent allocated to the founders and developers.


Twenty five per cent were allocated:

· For moderation and transfers;

· Subscription campaign.

Ten percent were allotted on Twitter and Facebook. Twenty percent will go to media and blogs. Six percent were determined for promotion, and four percent for Telegram.

Project road map


The person who took someone else's thing is considered a thief. There is no doubt about this. But why do many believe that you can use other people's ideas for free?

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