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Today we will have an interesting project from the team from Russia. At the beginning of its existence, the Crypto currency was decentralized and in fact did not yield to any regulations. The world of the Crypto-currency has undermined the exchangers with very large commissions, the mission of the Streamity ICO project is to help people with entering the world of crypto-currency, collecting most of the commission fees.


The problem with which everyone encounters the world of crypto-currency is, of course, the conclusion of the crypto-currency. This operation carries not small risks, especially if you are a beginner. The risk to run into a scammer (scammer) is very large, and the quality of such operations leaves much to be desired. With all the disadvantages of these exchangers, we simply do not have other options, and there are huge risks of simply being left with nothing, you simply do not have guarantees ... But Streamity ICO is ready to help us with this.

Solution of the problem from the Streamity project team

The Streamity project will develop its own exchange service StreamDesk, which will operate on the basis of smart contracts, which will secure both sides of the transaction. In principle, the use of smart contracts in financial transactions is an idea not new, but well proven, as the intermediary is removed. It is not difficult to guess that when introducing smart contracts, the commission will be several times lower, and security is higher.

Also to the pluses of StreamDesk are:

Intuitive interface

This plus will be very relevant for beginners in the world of crypto currency.

You can save on the purchase of crypto-currency assets

As we mentioned above, the use of StreamDesk will allow you to dislodge an undesirable intermediary from the transaction, thereby significantly reducing the commission. Also, with this approach, the entire transaction is safe and open.

You are protected

Smart contracts are the key to this project, so we will mention them often. If you hear about this for the first time, I will now give an illustrative example. For example, Anton wants to buy a crypto currency, but he does not know where, he enters the first exchanger and changes there. His risks are enormous, he can not be completely sure that the money will come to his account. If he used StremDeask, then everything would be much easier and safer. After you send money, the seller does not immediately receive them, they are blocked in a smart contract, and only after all the terms of the smart contract are met, he will receive your money, and you are your assets. It's very simple, but at the same time it's safe

Excellent support

Technical support can help you within 24 hours 7 days a week.

Information about ICO Streamity and STM token

The STM token acts as a domestic currency in the Streamity project ecosystem. With the help of a token, you can pay for any operation in the Streamity service.

Name of the token: STM
End date of the ICO: 25.03.18
Hard cap for PRE ICO: $ 2,800,000
Volume for sale at PRE ICO: 20,000,000 STM
Volume for sale on ICO: 110,200,000 STM
Accepted currency for sale: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EURO.
Minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
Estimated cost: 0.2 $

Distribution of tokens


The project is very ambitious and implies the improvement of the current crypto currency exchange services. With the help of Streamity and the project StreamDesk popularity to the crypto-currency world, among the townsfolk undoubtedly will increase, in principle about all the pluses I said above. I did not say a bit about the other products of the project, but I think you can get to know them. The only thing I can add, Streamity will be a whole system and can even be said to be a social network for people from the world of crypto currency.

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