Triggmine (TRG): ICO - Overview

Triggmine is an artificial intelligence system that will facilitate the solution of e-mail based on blockchain technology. The platform will allow entrepreneurs to conduct their marketing campaigns by e-mail, using the AI-system and intellectual contracts, which guarantee the fulfillment of the expected results.

The implementation of AI in Triggmin will work to ensure effective search of potential customers by e-mail using criteria for personalizing e-mail campaigns and their automatic promotion.

Email marketing is quickly becoming a successful marketing strategy used by many companies to attract customers to their products or services.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, attracting customers to your business products has become more natural and much more effective.

Using email as a marketing approach is often seen as a useful tool, but with a simple but powerful message that can induce consumers to buy your goods.

How advanced is the project?

Automatic email campaigns . Triggmin presents an entirely new level of access to customers, providing entrepreneurs with an automated AI system that creates your disk in just one click.

Template Library - more than 150 e-mail templates that you can select and send to your customers.

Smart Contracts - the use of this blockchain technology guarantees security and guarantee when it comes to who takes responsibility for the results of the user's business.

Master Nodes  - allow you to create and execute intellectual contracts within the platform.

Intellectual contract

The first function after registration is to pre-order the access key, which gives you access to Triggmine services. This will require you to purchase Triggmine Coin (TRG) to perform any functions on the platform. After that, you can set up an email campaign by starting with AI-based tools. Here you fill out our several inquiries regarding your business.

After receiving the information, Triggmin will use the AI ​​software to perform a series of background checks to ensure the best possible suggestions for each of its users. This will be done by selecting a suitable email template, topic and content. If you are satisfied with the quality, you can send the campaign or create a sequence to send them.

The main advantages of Triggmine:

  • Customer insight
  • Easy to use
  • Optimizing email content
  • Increase ROI
  • Less expensive marketing automation program
  • Increased lead production
  • Less common features
  • Increase the number of open bids

How to use tokens and how can they be valued?

Triggmine Token is an authorized access to the Triggmine service, which is cryptographically protected and used for payment in the Triggmine service, which is issued for sale to Token for customers. A participant can buy tokens using his wallet.

Triggminé Coin (TRG) is assigned to perform the function of a pre-order key that provides access to the corresponding Triggmine services through which users pay a monthly subscription to Triggmin.

When a user purchases a subscription using a smart contract on the Triggmin price page, the cost of the selected rate is debited from the user's bank card. In addition, Triggmine Bot changes the payment on the exchange to the Triggmine token. The whole process of exchanging a token for a coin is transparent to the user.

What if the user wants to contribute to Triggmine?
To do this, the user must go to the page for selling Triggmine tokens, from which they need to go to the personal purse of the depositor and pay a deposit fee by exchanging the currency for the Triggmine token.

Token Triggmine

TRG is a method of internal prepayment of a system on a platform and is used to collect platforms and payments for services and products. All users must buy tokens to use the services and products of Triggmine.

All smart contracts on the platform will be executed using tokens. During each transaction, the actual token exchange rate will be used to determine the number of tokens that will be paid as a payment for Triggmine services.

To reduce the risk to customers, within the business process, the platform blocks tokens, which it receives as payment, into an intellectual contract before the contract expires. After this, the data from the block chain will be used to determine the fulfillment of obligations. The masters will be used to confirm the execution of the contract.

The verification process will include data from two sources - from the client and from the platform, which have been collected and stored in the block chain during the contract execution period.


Although e-mail marketing in our online systems seems convincing, marketing campaigns have little to show by results. And although they can personalize your campaigns by email, there is a need for a platform that can analyze a large amount of data. Triggmine uses blockchain technology, working in a neutral and decentralized network, which will make it possible to personalize the email campaign.

Thus, blockchain technology helps Triggmine meet expectations when AI-based applications have failed. Although I would suggest that Triggmine's overall role in the industry will be negligible, and using AI in e-mail marketing will undoubtedly change the career of the project.

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