Llorca - Newcomer


Llorca ‎– New comer
Llorca ‎– New comer

Label: F Communications / Play It Again Sam [PIAS]

Country: Europe

Released: 2001

Genre: Electronic

Style: House, Future Jazz, Downtempo

оф. сайт : http://llorcamusic.com

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Ludovic Llorca is one of the generation of Paris-based DJ/producers whose work has come to personify a particular type of nu-jazz aesthetic. Club oriented but smoother than their post-acid jazz counterparts in London and sophisticated enough to attract the (not always approving) attention of straight-ahead jazz magazines, the music is at once eclectic and instantly recognisable. Heavily reliant on lengthy samples, the music nonetheless has an organic, “live” feel. Deep house of the Naked/Om persuasion is also a close cousin and the album and anyone who likes Aquanote or Soulstice will only have to up the jazz quotient a little to feel immediately at home. In short, Newcomer is an amalgamation of all that is chic and subtle in contemporary dance music. Too chic for some, who have been quick to call the genre coffee table House, with all the coziness, complacency, and lack of edge such a term implies.