Shaun Escoffery - In The Red Room

Shaun Escoffery ‎– In The Red Room
Shaun Escoffery ‎– In The Red Room

Label:Dome Records


Released: 2014

Style: Funk / Soul

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Для любителей : Seal , Freak Power/Ashley Slater

Championed by the likes of Elton John, Shaun Escoffery was hailed as one of Britain's brightest talents when he arrived on the R&B scene in 2002. Born in East London, Escoffery grew up in a musical family with his singer mother and DJ father. Aware of the pitfalls of a career in the music industry, his parents encouraged him to follow a more academic profession. But after being asked to provide backing vocals for his aunt, also a singer, Escoffery got hooked on the music bug. While at college he started to write and record tracks, and soon landed a part in the Chaka Khan-fronted musical Mum I Wanna Sing. In 2001, Oyster Music showed interest in his independent release "Space Rider" and promptly signed him, re-releasing the track a year later to widespread interest from the likes of influential DJs Trevor Nelson and the Dreem Team.