English - easily confused: PRESENT or GIFT?


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Both words are interchangeable (взаимозаменяемы) in most cases, but sometimes there is a slight difference:
🎁A PRESENT is usually used for
🔹a special occasion or a holiday:
✔️She received a book as her birthday present.
🔹less formal situations:
✔️I got a really cool present this Christmas.
‼️British English mostly
🎁A GIFT is mostly used for
🔹just a small surprise given to somebody at any given moment (Ru: маленький подарок):
✔️This cookbook was a gift from my aunt when I went away to college.
🔹abstract things (Ru: талант, дарование):
✔️Her intelligence is a gift.
🔹more formal situations, in business:

✔️Enjoy a free gift with any purchase of $20 or more.
🔹donations, when you give something without expecting anything in return (Ru: пожертвование, официальная помощь):

✔️A number of clothes were gifted by him to the home for the aged.
‼️American English mostly