English Idioms: Winter blues and January doldrums


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I hope no one is in the January doldrums (хандрит) or suffering from the winter blues (страдает от зимней депрессии)!
If there are any among my subscribers, let’s gather ideas how to beat the winter blues (побороть зимнюю депрессию) and alleviate the January doldrums (облегчить январскую хандру)!
❄️Get out and about!
🔹plan a small party;
🔹go to the movies;
🔹schedule coffees or lunches with friends;
🔹try a new restaurant;
🔹escape for a day or an overnighter with the family or a friend...
❄️Pamper yourself! (Побалуйте себя!)
🔹take a salt bath;
🔹go to the local salon or spa;
🔹make face masks;
🔹watch a good movie;
🔹invite friends, your mom, sister, brother ... to your place …
❄️Some of these ideas cost money, if the holidays left you tight on cash:
🔹check your local library for free classes;
🔹museums for free passes;
🔹there are lots of free family shows …