Interesting services for reading . Part 2.


Literature Map is a service that shows how different writers are similar in style, tone and theme. On the site you can enter the name of any author and get a whole set of recommendations. The site is built on the basis of the recommendation system Gnooks. The results are presented in the form of a tag cloud: the closer the authors' names are, the more similar their works are. For example, lovers of Leo Tolstoy are particularly encouraged to read the books of Mikhail Bulgakov, Alexander Pushkin and Marcel Proust.


In the eBook Plaza mobile application, children can create interactive stories in English and Spanish. Or study materials prepared by other community members. To the stories you can add pictures, your own pictures and voice acting. All the finished works are laid out in open access, having passed the preliminary moderation (so that the children do not exactly get anything wrong). The application works on iOS and Android devices.


The digital reading platform MyON helps to compose individual lists of books for school children and assess progress. Instead of reading one book by the whole class, schoolchildren can choose the product they like: for this purpose, MyON algorithms analyze the reading level of the child and offer suitable literature. The texts are accompanied by questions, tests and audio clips. In the statistics panel you can see how successfully the children coped with this or that product. Today, the MyON library stores more than 13,000 digital books. More than 7.5 million students from 20 countries use the service.

Translated: Dinara Zakirova