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The path of the Solar beam

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The path of the Solar beam

I'm so tired. Two more hours, and I'm squeezed like a lemon. Why do I have such a reaction on the rise?

What were you thinking when you were walking?

Sage, as always, walked slowly, somewhere ahead of me. The morning walk did not bore him. He is not tired, judging from the appearance and breathing.

Understood. You think of all the little things when you walk. What for? It's stupid to do that, you see what that led to? You can barely stand on your feet. You always have to do simple things: go somewhere, just think about the place where you want to go or not to think. Quite. Don't fill your head with empty thoughts, not good. You can't influence it, leave it.

You today as something unusually verbose. I can't influence what's not me. But who this "I", - I cannot say. Because " I "is not the whole"I".

Why can't you tell me who I am? We figured that out.

"I" have a list a set of qualities, thoughts, feelings, emotions, body, etc man or the mask in this world. And there is a higher self that puts on this mask, dressed / born in this world. Man / the mask of death, the higher self cannot die. The higher self is the active mind, the flow of intuition, the particles of the one. What the latter does is not a particle per se - it is not separated from something-it is part of greater infinity. This is the highest observer I've ever seen in my life. And obviously, that's the"true me."

How'd you come up with that? Wow. :) There is "I" and "all else". "I" could be anyone. "all else" all the rest. "I" grow out of it - the last absorbing, making itself a part - "I". it is like the sun ("I"), for us the source of life is a single object, and inside there are many elements that interact with each other and give birth to light and warmth. And the space that surrounds us is "all else". Dark matter. And so it happens that we, as the sun, do the same-or should do. Lighting / learn how to make the "all else" is "I".

Wait ie eating, reading, touch, dialogue, war, research, construction, etc. any activity is knowledge / understanding something and accepting this in myself.

Correct! Only the freedom of choice add - everyone chooses how to understand. This is both a catastrophe and a way out of it. Good and evil and other forces. Freedom of choice in the hands of man falls into many completely divergent forces. Which will interact with each other, completely unpredictable. To restrict choice is not possible - the border will crack / destroy / get out. You can only be an observer and understand how you want. Always know, remember, and believe where you're going.

Good. But how does that help me keep my strength?

What powers do you want to keep? If you're a ray of sunshine. Remember that.