Anton Pasternak - The Sense Of Love

The word happiness has not simple meaning,
It’s like always a relative approach.
For someone it can be own career,
For the other – smell, food, or just song.

I believe that love is for the many
The synonym of the happiness.
To mean something for person is very
Nice reason on the Earth to exist.

Well, for me as a man it’s a pleasure
Just to look on my dear girl’s face.
Elevating which is given by that view
Can’t compared be with nothing I guess.

I am drunken looking on her walking.
I am fan of just her pretty legs.
And the skin is the tissue that’s softer
Than any I was touching anywhere.

Hair of hers are the silk and the water.
Soft and smooth they just force you to leap
Into their inevitable abyss
And dissolve there as long as you live.

Her eyes are the portals to another
Universe I can say more or less.
They enchant you and fill you with love up,
So you lose your mind without getting back.

Kissing her lips is like be on heaven.
They are soft, very pleasant they are.
Talking of tongue along with other mouth
Happiness express simply you can’t.

And her scent is the master upon you.
Your nose never knew better to smell.
It is fresh and sweet and kind of dear.
Something that you are gonna defend.

I can write a lot of strings an addition.
Cause I’m full of sense I've just described.
I wish only for every person
To fall in love to know what is it like.