дома нескучно
Как весело и с пользой пережить самоизоляцию

М.Ю. Лермонтов - Бородино

28 October 2017

- So, tell me, uncle, that for reason
Moscow was once a fire victim
And surrendered to French?
There indeed were a lot of battles,
And as they say they were so violent!
That’s why whole Russia still remembers
The Borodino time!

- Yes, there were persons at our time
Much better than those who is now alive:
The heroes are not you!
They had a fate not very pleasant:
Not many came back from the fight then...
If the God’s will wouldn’t say do that,
We hadn’t left Moscow!

We were falling back silent, too long
It was a pity, fight we wanted,
The old men grumbled then:
“What are we? Going back to houses?
Why we are not allowed to tear down
The enemy’s suits by our sharpened,
Our Russian bayonets?”

At last we found the large field:
Where we can have the space we needed!
We built the firm redoubt.
We payed there a lot of attention!
When cannons shined the new day’s action
As well as forest trees blue points
The French had come to spot.

I set the shell tight into cannon
And thought: there will be meal for fellow!
Hold on, my friend Messier!
Enough play games, lets go to battle;
We will attack as front united,
We will stand hard as long as fight here
For our homeland dear!

Two days we were involved in skirmish.
And what’s the point of all this rubbish?
We waited for third day.
There appeared speaks from everywhere:
“We need to use the buckshot here!”
And on the field of fierce battle
The night shadow descended.

I lied to sleep near gun carriage,
And till the dawn victory sounds
Were heard from the French side.
But our camping stayed still silent:
Who cleaned the shako full of tripes,
Who sharpened bayonet with grumbling,
And biting long mustache.

And only light on sky appeared
Everything started moving here
And line went after line.
Our colonel was very strong man:
The servant to king, soldier’s father…
And pity that he was cut down
And lies in the wet ground.

And he said with glitter in eyes:
“My fellows, isn’t it Moscow behind?
Let’s die here under it,
As used to do our glory brothers!”
And we promised to die in battle,
And we all gave an oath of loyalty
In the Borodino.

That was a day! Through smoke flown out
The French moved on like dark rain clouds,
And all to our redoubt.
The lancers with bright badges rode there,
Dragoons with horse tails were with them,
All passed near us that day,
All visited our spot.

You will have never seen such battles!
The banners moved around like shadows,
The fire burnt in smoke.
The damask steel rang, buckshot squealed,
The soldier's hand was tired to prickle
And cannonballs were interfered
By mounts of bodies.

The rival knew that day enough there,
What means nice fighting of the Russians,
Our hand-to-hand combat!..
The ground was shivered with our chests and
The horses, people were then mixed up,
And shots of thousands of weapons
United into howl…

The twilight came. Each one was ready
To begin the new battle next day
And stand there to the end…
The drums began to hum again and
The foreigners fell back to their place.
Then we began to count wounds ours,
And our survived pals.

- Yes, there were persons at our time
Much better than those who is now alive:
The heroes are not you!
They had a fate not very pleasant
Not many came back from the fight then
If the God’s will wouldn’t say do that
We hadn’t left Moscow!