М.Ю. Лермонтов - Выхожу Один Я На Дорогу

I am stepping the road by my own now;
There a blinking of the way through fog;
Night is calm. The desert listens to God,
And the stars talk to each other above.

There's a solemn and a great mood in sky!
Earth is sleeping in the shine of blue...
Why do I feel the pain and the hard time?
Do I wait for something? Or regret about?

I am not waiting for nothing from life,
Either I do not regret of past:
I am searching for the calm and freedom!
I want to lay down and sleep now!

But not that silent dream of grave I wish...
I wish to sleep well, let inside me,
Living powers remain calm and steady,
And my chest lifted because of breath;

Let all night, all day my hearing be pleased
By sweet voice that would tell me of love,
Let above me be eternal growing
Of the leaves of the dark oak with rustle.