Our ELITE is not ours anymore!

9 December 2017

👉 You can talk as much as you like about the sovereignty of the Russian economy and the policy that is being implemented, but to have officials of different levels within the country who have millions and millions of dollars on their accounts in foreign banks.

💬 How not to recall the words of the most famous Russophobe of all times Z. Bizhinsky:

"Russia can have as many nuclear suitcases and nuclear buttons, but since 500 billion dollars of Russian elite are in our banks, you still have to understand: is it your elite or ours? I do not see any situation in which Russia will use its nuclear potential ".

👉 Very skillfully Zbigniew Bzezinski compared the possible use of our country's nuclear shield with the money resources of the elite - the "offshore aristocracy" located in the Western financial system.

👉 In 2013, President Putin tried to formulate a symmetrical response by prohibiting officials and military, as well as their spouses and underage children, from owning property abroad, accounts in foreign banks outside Russia, bonds and shares of foreign issuers, including foreign securities.

👉 The ban was extended to persons holding public office in the Russian Federation, posts of first deputy and deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, posts of members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank, public offices of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, posts of the federal civil service, posts in state corporations (companies), foundations and other organizations established in the basis of federal laws, the appointment and release of which is carried out by the President of the Russian Federation, the government or the Prosecutor General.

👉 We are well aware that nothing came of it. Officials either rewritten the assets for distant relatives and now rent Villas in Italy from them, or have brought the companies into off-shores that do not provide reporting to the executive authorities of the Russian Federation.

💬 In 2012, the President gave a direct order to the Government - to start deofshorization.

"The offspring of the Russian economy became the talk of the town. Experts call this phenomenon - flight from the jurisdiction. According to some estimates, 9 out of 10 significant transactions concluded by large Russian companies, including companies with state participation, are not regulated by domestic laws. We need a whole system of measures to de-fiscal our economy. I instruct the Government to make appropriate comprehensive proposals on this issue. We need to seek transparency of offshore companies, disclosure of tax information ... "- said the President.

👉 On October 3, 2017, the Government made a decision - the return of systemically important companies from offshore and foreign jurisdictions will not take place!

👉 Attempts by the President to teach our elite led to nothing. Russian officials have made it clear what place the people and the first person in their coordinate system take. And Zbigniew Biezzyński seemed to be right, since our symmetrical answer did not work.

👉 If in the near future citizens will not be able to nationalize the elite, then in the plundered country there will be only a pauperious embittered people and the President, and the elite will leave for the children in foreign countries and will tell about all the horrors of the authoritarian regime ...


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