Time code.

For any body of a man always watches time. Time is inexorably old any human body and you can imagine such a picture.

Where "X" is constantly a variable number that varies with different speeds of its current. In time, if you look from the left to the right, from the point of view of the observer constantly increases the speed of your current.

So time is my basic and constantly changing code that is saturated with this or that information. If you look at it from the point of view of the creator of our reality and reality, every morning, opening your eyes, I see the time and the saturated space of my reality which in its past form is always aging,

that with every instant is confirmed by the passage of time. It seems that time itself makes us watch it and take it into account, constantly recalling it in its various forms of manifested actions. And now the question.

Than saturally or on the contrary my time is diluted?

My time is saturated with a small information share that can be compared with paint, with emotions,

surrounding reality ... The information share in its environment is called bits, where in meaning it has a different weight. BIT is essentially a particle of meaning or firmness or awareness of information, where in the extreme case it can be equated to a unit of time ... That is, in this way we get the ratio of time to particle bits per second.

"b / s" information and thereby we can derive the speed of the current information field. At the moment, I am surrounded by a lot of information fields of different in their saturation. These fields are called various spheres. The stratosphere is what,

which is considered to be an extreme sphere over the body of a person which consists of bodies or other chemical elements having in their essence an easier information part of the atomic weight, it consists of hydrogen, ozone, oxygen, essentially being an information particle with its velocity of oscillation of the atom in time,

where the very power of these oscillations is the relative atomic weight of this element or the force in time ... where time is an element defined by some system of measures of one of the fastest oscillations of one atom, which in its essence is also measured by the oscillation of such an atom.

in its essence there is a certain form which is built in relation to itself, on the difference of its own oscillations. For example, this ratio can be represented in such a form of time / TIME where, on the difference of these imaginary values,

we see that the "time" left is less than the "TIME" of the right and the difference between this and that time is a certain unit of measurement relative to the perception of the person. And this imaginary difference refers to some information particle, which we call BIT, which in fact is a regular system of measures,

where the difference is only in a certain sequential far-fetched sense built once again on the difference .... Now let's go even lower into the fictitious atmosphere and the imaginary time of oscillations of other relative atomic weights, the conditions of which we described above ...

And once again we will understand that the unreality of our reality and fictitious time is a certain layering of far-fetched values, where time / TIME Creates this more "dense world". Now we will go down to earth and see the biosphere in which number I enter ... Man ... And following my own logic, which is the basis for me, I am more dense,

in my thought, about the stratosphere and the atmosphere, the imaginary body, where the ratio of two imaginary values, where the time / time difference creates me and the reality surrounding me, is determining my weight and density.

Now we go down deeper into the fictitious world where the far-fetched density and far-fetched weight is determined by the same ratio of the difference time / TIME .... And we will find CONCLUSION with the question ...


And while you're thinking ...