“Om” is welcome to the god according to Hindu religion and belief. You might have been observed that, every mantra starts from Om. This Om has a specific and unique symbol as shown in sketch. The beach is in the shape of this Om and hence the Om beach. This beach is a combination of shape and devotion and that is the reason behind this name.

 Om beach is located near Gokarna at about 8.25 kilometers and can be reached by auto or taxi. There are two cut short roads which lead to Om beach. Enquire with local people for more information.

The specialty of Om beach are:

These beaches are less costly as compared to among all other beaches in India.

Well maintained, clean, hygienic, and free from pollution.

Facility of good accommodation, beautiful Indian traditional huts on different price ranges, resorts with all facilities, massage centers, snacks and food, drinks, Yoga coaching, Sports and games etc.

Local guides and life guards are available on requests. Inform your requirements well in advance to the resort administration.

Special entertainments and offers for foreign visitors.

Home treat and homemade foods are also available on demand.

Shopping for purchasing local crafts works, Indian tradition articles, clothes and ornaments.

Privacy and secrecy has been strictly maintained.

Special care and security to visitors.

Organizing sightseeing arrangements to visitors.

Delicious Indian tradition sea foods and tasty local vegetarian recipes available during working hours.

Tourists opine that, it’s worth incurring expenditures on such beautiful beaches.