Чисто английское сквернословие. Эпизод 10


Cундучок снова открывает свои секреты. Давай заглянем. Как всегда та самая лексика makes me use the God’s language - English.


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Shove something up one’s ass

It’s a longer variant of Up yours, which in turn is a universal way to respond to anything or anybody. Both variants mean to put something as fucking deep in one’s ass as possible. You can say “Up yours!” to ask somebody to fuck him- or herself because you are pissed off, whereas “Shove it up your ass!” is about explaining what to do with that hoop-a-joop.


Another reinforcement how to call somebody asshole, dick, faggot, dozens of them, to show your irritation and disapproval to what somebody does or how this dirty cheap-ass piece of crap (=unbelievable jerk) behaves. Your sales director can be a clinically depressed fecophiliac (=a person who adores shit) on Prozac (=brand of anti-depression medication) because he is experienced in being a jerk.

Porky / Tubby / Fatso

Pejorative nicknames for a horizontally challenged (=overweight) person. If the problem is caused not by medical conditions, but by the sissiness (=lack of will / cowardness), this rotund (=extremely overweight thus unable to see own balls) puny dick (=coward) is sure to continue gobbling (=eating without chewing) shit. One day this fat fuck must explode.

Holy poop on a stick

It’s a less vulgar way of saying “Holy shit!” or “Holy crap!” to show your extreme surprise. That’s because poop simply means a piece of shit. Anyway your mom would not be happy should you say this stuff. And don't forget, poop on a stick is not a lollypop (=candy on a stick)!