Чисто английское сквернословие. Эпизод 11

3 April 2018

Cундучок снова открывает свои секреты для истинных ценителей прекрасного. Как всегда та самая лексика makes me use the God’s language - English.


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Чисто английское сквернословие. Эпизод 11


Believe it or not English has a special verb for slapping (=touching hard) a girl’s pretty hot ass. The act usually starts with its rubbing (=moving your arm against the surface like polishing) and squeezing (= pressing firmly). When the ass is warm and prepared, you haul your arm off and then suddenly slap it super hard so the ass should start wobbling. If everything is done in the right way, you will hear the chick (=hot girl) moaning (=producing the sound of satisfaction) with pleasure.

Don't fuck with me!

A good way of warning somebody. When you’re pissed off (=annoyed) you can ask anybody, e.g. your colleague who always spoils everything, to stay away or you will whup (=kick) his sorry little ass back to last year!

Raging lesbian

Gay people have always been interesting folks. They have so many funny things in their language. You will hardly understand what they mean. A raging lesbian is a brave gay-freedom and women’s rights fighter who licks carpets (=licks vaginas) and chows boxes (=performs oral sex on women). And what they do to their own pussies… Don’t mention it.

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out

When you tell your colleague that his lunch smells like a dead calf rotting in the hot sun, he might get offended and go away. Leaving he will probably tell you that you’re a fucking jerk (=asshole). But if his lunch really smells like shit and everybody agrees, you can wish this fat fucker the door wouldn’t hit his ass on the way out (=no point to get offended when told the truth). You can also say this again when this ugly son of a bitch bumped into (=met / saw) the boss a second later and got fired. In this case you kind’a wish some good luck to a total loser, but it’s a mockery (=making fun of somebody).