Чисто английское сквернословие. Спец. эпизод 2. Совещание

22 March 2018

Любое совещание должно проходить в атмосфере ужаса и невыносимой боли. Так что мешает и тебе оторваться по полной? Дэмиен дает веселые выражения, а Василий комментирует. Покажи всем, кто тут хозяин!

My arrival shall note the end of the Beginning, the beginning of the End, the new reign of my father, The Prince of Darkness!

That’s a good phrase to start the meeting with. You kick the door open (=open the door with a leg), these pussies start screaming and pleading with God to save them from your wrath (=fury).

Here begins the rule of pain!

That’s a phrase to open the meeting (=start presenting the topic). It will clearly show everybody that you are really pissed off with the outcomes (=results), and somebody’s ass will be in charge.

Now feel the wrath of the fallen angels! The plague of night is upon ye.

While progressing throughout your presentation, these bastards have been listening to you very attentively. They know the storm is coming. How about adding details why you are so fucking pissed off, and what to be done to make everybody do their jobs properly? Use this phrase in the end.

Infidels! I will turn you all into beasts of burden!

Now let’s switch to your warning to those who still think they are in safe to screw everything up. Calling them infidels (=pagans / those who do not believe in God), it’s like calling them the bastards who don’t believe you are the boss here.

I have such delightful horrors to unleash upon thee.

Ok, it’s time to give tasks to everybody. But first they should better get informed of what is coming. If they fail again...

Prepare to enter thy House of Pain!

You are finishing the meeting. That’s the very time to invite everybody to occupy their places and start working under new rules and conditions.