9 facts about relationships that you need to know in advance


Some cringe one phrase “open relationship”. Free — from what? From love, reciprocal obligations, support each other? But for many it is a convenient form of personal life. Can you feel, not being the only woman, the only men — you decide. But before you find out what to face for those who have decided to live.

1. Make sure you self-sufficient and have you in my life everything is stable.

From an emotional standpoint, an open relationship is the same as to go through a narrow bridge over an abyss. In both cases you will need someone to hold firmly your hand. If you have a serious relationship — they must be durable. If you start something new, strong need to be yourself. Better not try, if you have a black stripe of life.

2. Get ready to be jealous.

Feelings of jealousy can gnaw and man under better circumstances. Unable to admit it to yourself, you can discuss it with a partner, but you can not escape. If you find it difficult to cope with jealousy in an open relationship is not for you.

3. Discuss this with all those involved in these relationships.

You are going to turn the already existing monogamous relationship into loose or start something new, you need to talk about this with all stakeholders.

These things need clarity, so frankly, what you want and be more honest — what you don’t want. It’s just sex? You want at the same time to see other people? Do you expect that your main partner you will be in the foreground? Read more....