What links clownfish, African reed frog, wrasse, moray eel and gobies? The Weekend quiz


The quiz

From the moon to Mojang, test your knowledge with the Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Where are the speeches supposedly limited to 45 seconds?
2 What land was located “on the east of Eden”?
3 Which book set off a hunt for a buried golden hare?
4 The point on the moon’s orbit closest to Earth is called what?
5 Which sports league contains teams from England, France and Canada?
6 Where would a kelpie be encountered?
7 What was divided along the 38th parallel north?
8 Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first Catholic saint from where?
What links:
9 Das große Backen; Heel Holland Bakt; Le Meilleur Pâtissier?
10 Black Pearl; Black Pig; Walrus; Jolly Roger?
11 The Broken Column; Viva La Vida; Henry Ford Hospital; My Birth?
12 LinkedIn; Mojang; Nokia mobile phones; Skype; Hotmail?
13 Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup; Coupe Suzanne Lenglen; Venus Rosewater Dish?
14 Hogarth; Sun In The Sands; Cooks Ferry; Target; Hanger Lane?
15 Clownfish; African reed frog; wrasse; moray eel; gobies?

The answers

1 Oscars (acceptance speeches).
2 Land of Nod (Genesis).
3 Kit Williams’ Masquerade.
4 Perigee.
5 Rugby league Championship.
6 In water (Scottish spirit).
7 Korea, in 1945.
8 America (native-born).
9 The Great British Bake Off international versions: German; Dutch; French.
10 Fictional pirate ships: Jack Sparrow; Captain Pugwash; Captain Flint; Captain Hook.
11 Works by Frida Kahlo.
12 Companies bought by Microsoft.
13 Women’s grand slam tennis trophies: Australian; French; Wimbledon.
14 London roundabouts.
15 Animals that can change sex. Read more.....