ForeX - To be or not to be??? Video 05

Hello, friends! We continue to show videos, Forex! It is possible, or not. In this video we will demonstrate real-time work with currencies on the Forex. And so, we are breaking into the fourth deal, for this we decided to choose. Currency pair, British pound, US dollar. We will not, focus on the beginning of the deal, and start with the fact that we have four dollars and five cents on the balance sheet, two orders have already been opened, and we are also in a small plus. Again, we want to note that our orders are open with great risk, but as we have repeatedly said, with such a small balance of four dollars. Why not take a chance to tickle your nerves and get a little more adrenaline. As usual, we did not forget to look into the Economic Calendar and made sure that big news is brewing again today. While the process of the transaction is in progress, we will briefly describe how this transaction was created.

We already had a similar deal, let's recall what the previous deal was like. We opened the deal, on the Currency pair, the British pound, the US dollar, where on the balance sheet we had $ 5. We opened a micro lot, In the terminal window it is denoted as zero whole, one hundredth. Such a micro lot means buying a base currency per thousand units. We reminded of our main chip. Our main feature is in the charts, which are located on the Forex platforms, in the online mode.

In this transaction, we will also have a small amount of money on the balance sheet. In this transaction, we decided to slightly reduce the amount, up to four dollars. We did this in order to maximize profits as a percentage of our balance sheet. If in the second transaction, we achieved the result in one hundred percent, in the third, three hundred percent, then in this fourth transaction, we will try to increase the profit as much as possible, and which goals we could achieve, you will see at the end of this video.

While we were doing a brief review of the creation of this deal, our rate has already approached the tight to a mark of ten dollars and is rapidly continuing to move up. As we once noticed that in the Forex market, there is no 100% confidence, maximum confidence, you can bring up to eighty percent, which means that in eighty cases out of a hundred, your forecast was confirmed. Similarly, this time, with such transactions, we in eighty cases confirmed our forecast. In the meantime, our funds have already approached the level of twelve dollars. We promised to make small comments on our actions. Here is one of them, you probably noticed that even if we work with any of the pairs, we constantly switch to the tab of other currencies. We do this constantly, in order to compare the behavior of other currencies. For example, if on the pair we are working, there are sharp movements, then we immediately go out to the neighboring pairs. If there are sharp movements there, just like on our pair, then we are preparing for some kind of harsh events. But if there is silence on other pairs, then we assume that on our pair, this is a temporary leap. On this, you can not strain your nerves and be sure that in the next few minutes, everything will return to its place. Further, the rate of the British pound, continued the movement in an unpredictable form, then suddenly he again began to decline, then left sometimes up and again fell. Therefore, we did not begin to focus our attention in this period of time. We will continue with the fact that by the evening, the rate of the British pound, continued its sharp upward movement, and our funds have already passed the mark of fifteen dollars, and were approaching a tight to the mark of twenty dollars. And now, let's take a short pause, that you would carefully watch the process, the movements of currencies.

After the first videos, such comments began to arrive, that all these movements of currencies are not made in real time, but the installation of some kind of computer programs. What is so easy, even with small deposits, it is simply impossible to make a profit. After all, if you could make a profit of one hundred percent, with a deposit of five dollars, then why not get the same profit with a deposit of five thousand dollars. And if it were so easy, then everyone would go around millionaires. That's why we paused, that you would look closely at what is happening on the screen and more, and even once again made sure. We assure you that no one deceives you, everything happens in real time, and of course with real money.

And now, let's go again, back to our deal. By nineteen o'clock on Grinevich, there was a sharp collapse of the British pound, more than two hundred points. Such phenomena are very frequent, especially in the British pound. Because this pair, the most volatile of all currencies. You can imagine how many feet of the losers were knocked out, for this sharp jump down. Further, the course gradually returned to its previous level, and began to stamp out in one place. In our experience, we predicted that this is a trampling, a harbinger to a large upward flight. The whole market was waiting, everyone understood that Leo was preparing to jump. And so it happened, first the course, jumped up, about a hundred points, and then shot, as much as all four hundred points. It was accomplished that we all so waited. Our funds immediately exceeded the mark of twenty dollars and in places reached, right up to twenty-two, and for a long time wavered between twenty and twenty-two dollars.

Friends! We reached our goal, in this transaction, and increased our deposit by more than four hundred percent. Recall that our balance was only four dollars, and at the moment, our funds, a little more than twenty dollars. I would especially like to note in this transaction that we reached such a huge level, with the help of just two orders, each of which was opened at the very minimum. We opened, micro lots. In the terminal window they are denoted as zero whole, one hundredth. Such micro lots, involves the purchase of the base currency per thousand units. We correctly formed the forecast that the British pound will go far up. It would seem that he groped for the very top and will now make a turn and go down. But something told us that this is not the limit, the British's attack, that he still has the energy to continue, his rapid movement up. About what happened next, we'll tell you in the next video, and for today we already tired you, our stories and our intrigues. Thank you all for your attention, we very much hope that you liked the events, which we told you about in this story. Thank you again for your attention and see you again.