Without noise and dust!

Новая подборка крылатых фраз из советских фильмов, но на английском языке. Сможешь угадать фильм по цитате?

Toast without wine, like a wedding night without a bride!

Who can imprison him? He is a monument!

What a driver such a car.

Do not be afraid, Kozlodoev, I will beat carefully, but strongly.

Is there life on Mars, isn't there life on Mars - this science is not yet known, our science is not yet aware of the matter.

Have you had any accidents at the construction site? Will.

Leave me, old lady. I'm sad.

And remember that everything and always I will decide for myself. On the simple reason that I'm a man.

When a woman is told that she is clever, does this mean that she is a fool?

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