Children's Furniture Series


Children's Furniture Series

Children's Furniture Series

I am so excited to show everyone what I have been working on the past year. This is my master of arts thesis in 3D design, which features a set of children's furniture designed to stimulate creative and imaginitive play. The series includes a coat rack, chair & desk on wheels and all-in-one desk.   Each piece of furniture contains a holder for a 3" LED orb which is a fun addition to the child's playtime.  All the pieces are CNC cut from sustainable birch plywood and is assembled easily without tools. The slotted design allows the owner to pack the pieces flat for convenient storage.

The All-in-One Desk

This is my personal favorite of all the pieces. This abstract design features a lower shelf for convenient storage and a one-way entrance to keep the set together. The pieces can be easily rearranged if you want the entrance on the other side. The curvy design flows from one area to the next, and includes several fun "peekaboo" spots during play.

Width: 21"
Depth: 27"
Height: 20.75"

Chair and Carriage Desk

Below is the chair and desk on wheels. The chair and desk together resemble a horse and carriage so a child can pretend he or she is Cinderella, a cowboy, etc.  And yes, the wheels really do turn! Yeehaw!

Chair dimensions:  13.55"W x 27.15"H
Desk dimensions: 25.5"W x 22.5"H x 24.5"D

The Coat Rack

This is the coat rack which features four large hooks and a center space for the LED orb. It is fun to play a basketball shooting game with the orb, and is a puzzle for kids because it only fits from one direction. Can you figure out which side?

Height: 46"

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