A ghost ship flew to the shores of the United States.

To the shore of California, a real ghost ship was nailed. All that is happening is like shooting a horror film: most likely it's a Russian ship "Lubov Orlova", which disappeared from radar in 2013.

The ship was built during the Soviet era, and then sold to an unknown foreign company that lost it when towed to the Dominican Republic.

A SWAT team from Los Angeles went to investigate the remains of the ship. They did not expect to find such horror - a horde of thousands of rats attacked the special forces from the ship's side! How they managed to survive there for a long time without food remained a mystery.

The yellow press immediately dubbed the lost ship "Rat Hell." Edition Mirror and does assure that the entire team "Lubov Orlova" rabid rodents ate more at sea. Whether this is in fact, we will never know.