Five things you can not do after a meal

The great Hippocrates believed that "We are what we eat". Modern doctors add to this and another health determining condition: we are not only dependent on quality food, but also on behavioral patterns after its intake. These simple rules will help you once and for all to get rid of drowsiness, lack of energy and digestive problems.

Sports and Walking

Sport, honestly, after a meal and so do not pull. But the legend of the benefits of walking in the people took root: it is believed that this way you help the body better absorb food. In fact, even an easy walking step will not be useful - except that you set out to achieve indigestion. You should not walk for half an hour after eating.

Tea and fruit

In teas (green, including) contain acids, which adversely affect the absorption of iron by the body. Forget the habit of arranging tea after a meal - at the same time, and throw off the weight. Fruits are worth saving for a separate meal: they come into contact with other foods in the stomach, they begin to wander, normal digestion can not be expected under such conditions.


Seriously, are you still smoking? If so, try not to smoke at least after dinner. Many smokers simply adore a post-perceptible cigarette, and this is understandable, since nicotine relaxes an already dosed body of dopamine. However, the same nicotine causes irritable bowel syndrome and can even cause colon cancer.

Unhealthy dream

After eating a healthy person in a dream does not pull, if he, of course, did not greedy at the table. A sign of a moderate portion will be a surge of energy after eating. Take a horizontal position is densely eaten and not at all harmful: digestive juices will move from the stomach back to the esophagus, which almost certainly leads to heartburn.

Water procedures

To go to the bath immediately after dinner is also not worth it. Hot water increases the flow of blood to the surface of the skin and limbs. But the stomach stays on the cut-down ration - at the very moment when it really needs increased supply.