How to transfer memory to the level

The human brain is the most complex database, the functioning of which has not been studied to this day. Unfortunately, most people use it only for completely routine, routine activities. In fact, this can be compared to buying a MacPro thousands for three dollars, then to play it on a sapper.

Our memory fades without training. Man still lacks basic functions for life, but some more or less complex processes become impossible for him. To use the full potential of the mind, you have to try a little - but after all the result is really worth it! Here are some effective exercises tested by experience and scientific experiments that will help you to pump your memory to the maximum level.


Remember how often you remembered the words of a favorite song - without any training and the slightest effort. Rhythm helps the brain to fix the data. Do you want to remember something important? Sing the data (it is possible not in the ear) to the tune of a pleasant melody. Next time, you will remember the facts you need much more quickly.

Memory Lock

Visualize the necessary data in the form of a lock with a large number of rooms. Gathered up for shopping? Imagine that in the hallway of your castle lies bread, the hall is full of meat, and the stable (which is the same lock!) Is occupied with bedding. In the store, you just need to think about this game - the brain will carefully extract the necessary data and present it to you on a silver platter.

Link to information

Do not try to memorize the necessary things separately from the context. This is possible, but it requires too much concentration, and the result disappears quickly. Try to come up with a small story for important events or facts: the mind processes and remembers structured information much easier.

Chewing gum

Strange, but the brain works better if you chew something. Information is remembered more easily, but scientists have not yet come to an unambiguous conclusion why this happens. Maybe it's all about insulin, which stands out when chewing. It stimulates the memory areas responsible for memory. In order not to become fat, trying to remember everything in the world, go to chewing gum - at the same time and strengthen the teeth.

Physical exercise

Physical education will become a strong foundation for a strong, healthy and attentive mind. It will be best to prefer loads of aerobic like walking or running. Cardio workouts are also useful, because they saturate the body with oxygen.