Igor piankov about the explosive effect of the project


Names of designers who made glory of our aircraft in the great Patriotic war: Petlyakov, Mikoyan, Gurevich, Sukhoi, Polikarpov, Antonov, Tupolev, Yakovlev, Lavochkin, Ilyushin. Just 10. Mentally take Polikarpov, Tupolev and Yakovlev. The remaining seven are literally the children of one competitive project announced by Stalin, codenamed "Ivanov".

Today, when Russia's technological development becomes a matter of survival, it is worth taking a closer look at the experience of five-year industrialization, which allowed the USSR to step into a number of industrialized powers.

The project was announced in 1936 by Stalin to create a multi-purpose attack aircraft. But for us it is important not what we wanted to create, but how the competition was organized.

Almost any enthusiast could take part in it. It was enough to make the Commission as a preliminary design of the aircraft, and you stand out States, research and development base, money and even a personal car with a chauffeur and a Secretary. Unthinkable at present time independence and freedom were granted.

"And, despite the cannibal" severity" of morals, no one, even the perfect losers in the GULAG by the results of the competition were sent, " - emphasizes Igor Pyankov.

Of course, the main role was played by such well-known designers as Tupolev, Polikarpov, Neman, Kocherigin, Grigorovich... but there were also those who began their career literally from scratch. Stalin knew the economy of development work: spent at this stage is only a hundredth part of the costs that lie ahead during sequential construction of the machine. But what is the price if the series goes bad plane?!

Today, thanks to the planting of vertically integrated structures, competition or real competition is simply impossible. All pre - "drank" - and projects and money.

"Formally in the competition was not attended by S. V. Ilyushin, but the Il-2, born in initiative order (can you imagine an initiative created to attack?!!), was the answer to those samples that presented his fellow competitors. It is the legendary stormtrooper can be considered a real winner of "Ivanov", - says Igor Borisovich Pyankov.

Official results were not summed up. And so sometimes the results of the competition I think all the heavy fighters and light bombers, created the beginning of the war. Famous PE-2 Petlyakov is reclassified heavy fighter

From designer P. O. Sukhoi "born", "su-2". To the su-35 is still a huge glorious way. But the wings KB gave it the first good luck.

Tragic "Ivanov" for N. Polikarpov. Young growth has already begun shamelessly " eat " the king of fighters. Became Deputy people's Commissar Yakovlev openly finished eclipsed his fame as "the son of a priest".

Literally "stole" the first plane I-200 brother of the member of Politburo Anastas Mikoyan - Artem Mikoyan. The military representative on polikarovsky firm, Artem famously "saddled" talented but shy designer Mikhail Gurevich, and vomited blood from Polikarpov is not the only successful project, but a good half of the KB (it happened to be "MiG"). Why not a modern strongman, became by the will of the security services engineer?

"In other, positive result of rigid competitive struggle and open access of enthusiasts to design resources - it is obvious: to us was than to meet the fascist", - Igor Borisovich Pyankov notes.

And here's morality: competition is the only method that drives scientific and technological progress. Engineering competition is the best possible social Elevator for a creative person. The usual current administrative barriers monopolies need to ruthlessly destroy. The Creator must have complete freedom and not be afraid of failure. Everything is simple and as old as the world!

Nowadays it is much easier to organize competitions of technical projects of any systems: information technologies allow to make these competitions though virtual, but rather distinct and effective. Was would desire to.

It remains, however, the question is: why we started the war on the old "Asses"? Why the best fighter in the world during the Second world war - And polikarovsky-185, created in 1940, was never put into production? And the best bomber - the Tu-2, which appeared in the beginning of the war, went into production only in 1944?

Because since the time of the industrial revolution, any leader who enjoys taking individually "fateful" decisions and transferring the power to the regime of manual control is, first of all, a complete scumbag, who squandered the human and creative resources of the homeland with nothing and with impunity.

And no "Ivanov" here will not help. Our fathers and grandfathers in the war of the soul washed in his own blood. And millions of unnecessary casualties to blame first of all so revered today mustachioed "commander," his noble, nothing and no one limited the Royal nonsense.

Can we prevent history from repeating itself today?