Корпоративные гранты для НКО

Решил подкинуть вам источников финансирования для ваших проектов. Все корпорации международные и некоторые не имеют офисы в РФ. Поэтому рекомендую изучить..

осторожно английский...

3M – 3M focuses their corporate grants in three areas: education, community, and the environment. Most of their grants are to invited non-profit partners or through matching employee giving. – www.3m.com/3M/en_US/gives-us/

Alcoa – The Alcoa Foundation issues grants to nonprofit groups focusing on education and the environment. There is an emphasis on STEM training and resource sustainability. – www.alcoa.com/global/en/who-we-are/community/default.asp

Bank of America – BofA provides nonprofit grants and event sponsorships with a focus for 2016 on jobs (workforce development and education), housing (community development), and hunger (basic human services). – about.bankofamerica.com/en-us/global-impact/find-grants-sponsorships.html

Bristol-Myers Squibb – Their foundation provides grants to nonprofits focusing on disease prevention and assisting individuals with specific medical needs. – www.bms.com/foundation/Pages/home.aspx

Caterpillar – The Caterpillar Foundation accepts grant requests by invitation only. They work primarily with large national and international non-profit organizations. – www.caterpillar.com/en/company/caterpillar-foundation.html

CitiGroup – CitiGroup gives corporate grants to 14 large nonprofits through its Partners In Progress program and for 2016 has also launched a $20 million Community Progress Makers Fund. – www.citifoundation.com/citi/foundation/

Coca Cola -The Coca-Cola Foundation focuses on three areas: Women: economic empowerment and entrepreneurship; Water: access to clean water, water conservation and recycling; and Well-Being: active healthy living, education and youth development.

Duke Energy – The Duke Energy Foundation offers local community development grants up to $10,000 to nonprofit organizations whose programs and missions support at least one of the Duke Energy Foundation’s four investment priorities: education, economic and workforce development, environment and community impact. Applications may be submitted at any time through their online form.  – www.duke-energy.com/community/duke-energy-foundation

Emerson – The Emerson Charitable Trust supports nonprofits in these areas: arts & culture, civic, education, health, and youth. – www.emerson.com/en-us/about-us/corporate-social-responsibility/community-involvement

Enterprise – Their foundation has given grants to thousands of local non-profits focused on community improvement, education and environmental stewardship. – www.enterpriseholdings.com/about-us/corporate-citizenship/

Exxon Mobil – The Exxon Mobil Foundation supports nonprofit groups by focusing the majority of its charitable donations on creating economic opportunities for women, furthering math & science education, and malaria prevention. – corporate.exxonmobil.com/en/community/worldwide-giving/exxonmobil-foundation/overview

Family Dollar – Family Dollar’s corporate giving program focuses exclusively upon programs whose purpose is to provide the basic necessities of life to low-income and low-middle income families, primarily in neighborhoods where their stores are located. – familydollar.com/corporate/our-company/givingback

Fidelity – The Fidelity Foundation provides substantial grants ($50k & up) to larger nonprofit groups ($500k annual budget & up) with a focus on arts & culture, community development, social services, and health.  – www.fidelityfoundation.org/

Ford – The Ford Motor Company Fund provides nonprofit grants to groups focusing on community life, education and safety. – corporate.ford.com/company/community.html

GE Foundation – The GE Foundation focuses their corporate grants primarily on health and education through their Developing Health and Developing Futures initiatives. – www.gesustainability.com/enabling-progress/ge-foundation/

General Mills – The General Mills Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that serve people in need. The primary areas of focus are hunger and nutrition wellness and education. – www.generalmills.com/en/Responsibility/general-mills-foundation

GM Foundation – General Motors assists nonprofits through the GM Foundation. They focus on education, community development,  environment & energy, and health & human services. – www.gm.com/company/giving-back/how-we-invest.html

Goldman Sachs – Their Goldman Sachs Gives initiative supports nonprofit groups focused on education, communities, creating jobs, and helping veterans. – www.goldmansachs.com/citizenship/index.html

Harold Simmons Foundation – The Harold Simmons Foundation supports programs that promote human dignity, a safe and enriching environment, and comprehensive support systems for individuals, children, and families. They make grants for operating expenses, capital needs or special projects, generally in amounts ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 for first time applicants. – haroldsimmonsfoundation.org/our-grants/

Hasbro – The Hasbro Children’s Fund works primarily with seven major nonprofit groups. They do not accept unsolicited grant requests. – www.hasbro.com/corporate/community-relations/gifts-of-play.cfm

IBM – IBM provides impact grants, community grants, and matching grants. Unsolicited grant proposals are not welcome. Contact your local IBM Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs manager. Lookup your area contact here – www.ibm.com/ibm/responsibility/initiatives/grant_programs.shtml

Intel – The Intel Foundation provides strategic grant support to initiatives that advance science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in communities where the company has a significant presence. They do not accept unsolicited grant requests. – www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/corporate-responsibility/intel-foundation.html

Johnson & Johnson – J&J focuses their corporate giving on health care access, disease prevention, health care job training, and health care career scholarships. – www.jnj.com/our-giving

JPMorgan Chase & Co –  JPMorgan Chase works with community partners to create pathways to opportunity by supporting workforce development, financial capability, small business development, and community development in the regions where they do business. – www.jpmorganchase.com/corporate/Corporate-Responsibility/global-philanthropy.htm

Kimberly Clark – The Kimberly-Clark Foundation supports causes that provide the essentials for a better life. They focus on communities where their employees live or work. – www.kimberly-clark.com/en-us/responsibility/kc-foundation

Kohls – Through their community giving and volunteer program, Kohl’s supports kids’ health and education, environmental initiatives nationwide, and women’s health in Wisconsin, specifically the fight against breast cancer.- www.kohlscorporation.com/communityrelations/Community01.htm

McCormick Corporation – McCormick focuses their grants in four areas: education, health, environment, and culture. priority is given to local communities where McCormick employees live and work.  – www.mccormickcorporation.com/Our-Commitment/Donations.aspx

Medtronic – Medtronic Philanthropy does not accept unsolicited grant requests. Medtronic itself does make some nonprofit grants available (use 2nd link) – philanthropy.medtronic.com/grants-and-funding/programs-and-guidelines/index.htm or www.medtronic.com/corporate-governance/principles-and-ethics/medtronic-charitable-donations-registry/guidelines/index.htm

MetLife – The MetLife Foundation focuses primarily on initiatives supporting financial inclusion. Other areas of support including arts and culture, Alzheimer’s disease research and aging-related programs, youth education, and community development. – www.metlife.com/metlife-foundation/index.html

Merck – The Merck Foundation provides corporate grants for nonprofits focusing on health, education,  and community. – www.msdresponsibility.com/our-giving/

Monsanto – The Monsanto Fund provides grants to non-profit groups in support of education, farming, gardening, robotics, and the arts. Their grant programs have varying application deadlines.  – www.monsantofund.org/grants/overview/

Nationwide – The Nationwide Fund supports qualified nonprofit organizations across the country that work to meet crucial needs in communities with a significant presence of Nationwide associates. Their four focus areas are emergency & basic needs, crisis stabilization, personal & family empowerment, and community enrichment. – www.nationwide.com/about-us/nationwide-foundation.jsp

Newman’s Own Foundation – They provide grants to non-profit organizations focusing on philanthropy, nutrition, empowerment, sick children, and military veterans. – newmansownfoundation.org/what-we-support/

Nordstrom – The majority of  Nordstrom corporate grants focus on programs and organizations that care for kids and empower youth. They also support other programs and organizations that have a significant impact in communities where they have stores. – shop.nordstrom.com/content/nordstrom-cares-apply-for-a-grant

Office Depot – The Office Depot Foundation supports programs that enhance quality of life for children, strengthen communities, encourage local and international economic growth, and empower schools and non-profit organizations. They also help small businesses to recover from natural disasters. – listenlearncare.org/

Payless Shoe Source – Payless invests financially in nonprofit organizations that fit their core focus area: supporting children and families in need. –www.paylesscorporate.com/community

Pepsi Company – The Pepsico Foundation focuses on human sustainability, environmental sustainability, and talent sustainability. – www.pepsico.com/Purpose/Global-Citizenship/Strategic-Grants

Pfizer – Pfizer has multiple grant programs focused primarily on health care and education. Details at this link – www.pfizer.com/purpose/medical-grants

PNC – The PNC Foundation conducts all philanthropic giving regionally. Their PNC Grow Up Great program supports nonprofits that directly help children’s education in math, science, and the arts. They also support nonprofit groups focusing on economic development. – www.pnc.com/en/about-pnc/corporate-responsibility/philanthropy.html

Prudential – The Prudential Foundation provides nonprofit grants in these areas: meeting basic needs, connecting people to jobs, building assets, and transforming communities. – corporate.prudential.com/view/page/corp/31890

SafeWay Foundation – The Safeway Foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose mission is aligned with our four priority areas: hunger relief, education, health & human services, and assisting people with disabilities.

Sony – Sony focuses the majority of its charitable giving on arts, culture, technology and the environment, with a particular emphasis on education in each of those areas. – www.sony.com/en_us//SCA/social-responsibility/giving-guidelines.html

Southern Company – The Southern Company makes direct corporate contributions to fund non-profit organizations that contribute to arts and culture, health and human services, civic and community projects, safety, education and the environment. – http://www.southerncompany.com/corporate-responsibility/community/outreach-engagement.html

Stanley Tools (Black & Decker) – Their Corporate Citizenship giving program supports organizations whose causes are inherently cohesive with their business. They help build homes, support children’s hospitals, assist disabled veterans, and encourage STEM education programs. – www.stanleyblackanddecker.com/social-responsibility/empower-makers

Tiffany – The Tiffany & Co. Foundation supports organizations dedicated to the stewardship of natural resources and awards grants to nonprofit organizations focused on responsible mining, coral conservation and urban parks. – www.tiffany.com/sustainability

Toys R Us – Toys“R”Us, Inc. and the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund together focus their charitable giving on national organizations to better centralize their philanthropic efforts on children’s issues. Local nonprofit organizations are encouraged to work with one of their national partners. – www.toysrusinc.com/charitable-giving/request-donation/

Tyson Foods – Corporate grants for national hunger relief programs and community grants for health & nutrition, K-12 education, community development, environment and sustainable agriculture. – www.tysonfoods.com/who-we-are/giving-back/corporate-giving

U.S. Bank – The U.S. Bank Foundation provides cash contributions to nonprofit organizations in their grant priority areas of education, economic opportunity, and artistic & cultural enrichment – www.usbank.com/community/charitable-giving.html

Union Bank – The MUFG Union Bank Foundation focuses their corporate grant giving on affordable housing and community economic development. – www.unionbank.com/global/about/corporate-social-responsibility/foundation/index.jsp

United Health – The United Health Foundation offers grants primarily for healthcare initiatives such as community health, heath education, and support for veterans. – www.unitedhealthgroup.com/social-responsibility/partners

UPS – The UPS Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals. UPS funds specific organizations focused on enhancing opportunities for higher education, economic empowerment, mentorship, and inclusion for underserved or underrepresented segments of society. – sustainability.ups.com/the-ups-foundation/

Verizon – The Verizon Foundation provides grant applications by invitation only. Contact your local Community Relations Manager for eligibility requirements. Enter your zip code to find your CRM. – www.verizon.com/about/responsibility/giving-and-grants

Waste Management – Waste Management focuses their corporate giving on environmental causes, environmental education, and causes important to the communities in which they operate. – www.wm.com/about/community/charitable-giving.jsp

Walmart Foundation – Provides local, state, and national grants with a focus on three main areas: Opportunity, Sustainability, and Community – giving.walmart.com/foundation

Wawa – The Wawa Foundation provides grants to nonprofit groups in three areas: health, hunger, and everyday heroes.  – www.thewawafoundation.org/

Wells Fargo –  Wells Fargo provides community donations to nonprofits and schools, environmental initiatives, and other corporate citizenship initiatives. – www.wellsfargo.com/about/charitable/


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