5 Easy tips to learn English faster

20 June 2018

Hi! English is everywhere now so you have to have at least some basic knowledge of this language. BUT I reckon that it's not enough! I hope that you think so as well! Today, I'm going to tell you how I learn English every single day and improve my knowledge!

1. First of all, you have to find a motivation for studying. Answer the question: "What's the purpose of what I'm learning? Is it necessary for me?" Do not answer only " for great job, for meeting new people or traveling". It's too obvious! Think about personal motivation. I want to read this original book, or I want to invite that girl for walking".

2. Now you have to understand what special themes you have to know in English despite basic communication. For example, you study business, so you need to know some expressions in this theme in order to communicate with investors and other entrepreneurs.

3. You have to understand that the most important skill in any language is to speak and express your thoughts. So work on that every day: repeat the speech of bloggers or film actors. Learn the real language, not just the language from old textbooks.

4. Do not hesitate to ask the questions! You will never learn the right way of saying, reading, writing and so on something if you don't ask the questions! Learning is the lifelong process so remember it and explore the world every day!

5. Regularity of studying every material is the most important thing! 20 minutes of English every day will be better that 4 hours ones a week!

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