Make mistakes

Every person is afraid of something: height, bugs, dogs, not to win, be alone, fall in love and so on. Making mistakes is definitely in this list of great human fears. We are afraid of being strange, stupid and not so perfect as we want to be. We are always concerned with what other people think about us. That’s crazy! We lose so many opportunities which our life gives us, because we think about the other people’s opinion. Unbelievable!
Here’s the thing: if we do not make mistakes, we do not try something new, so we don’t develop. Terrible, isn’t it? The most important idea is that making mistakes gives you an opportunity to become better and better every single day. Success doesn’t come without making mistakes. Your fears built huge barriers in your head. Be open to the world and to everything new.

It’s your life so do not pay attention to the people which laugh at you. They also make mistakes but are afraid to admit that.