Bioline JaTo Linea + Italian cosmetics for professionals. PURA +

30 August 2018

1. This is a line of care for oily skin, helping to eliminate the causes of functional complications,peculiar to this type of skin.

2. The active active ingredient is the enzyme of the bacterial strain Pseudoatheromonas,It has a unique restoring effect on the walls of the ducts of the sebaceous glands, stimulates the synthesis of collagen I, increases the rate of keratinocyte division and has good moisturizing properties.

3. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) - this is an antibiotic of plant origin that is sensitive to 800 kinds of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and fungi. It blocks the nutrition of the pathogenic flora so that it ceases to perceive the sebum as a source of food.

4. The ivy bark extract has an antibiotic-like effect and works as an anti-acne component.

5. Extract of Spirea vulgaris contains a lot of salicylic acid, flavonoids and routine. Extract enhances the oppressive effect on the pathogenic flora.

6. Violet extract Tri-color is a natural antiallergen that allows to reduce the sensitivity of the inflamed skin to other components. Violet extract restores metabolic processes in the epidermis due to the activation of aquaporins.

7. Fuller's land is a natural mineral substance formed as a result of decomposition volcanic ash. This component has a calming effect due to the high content magnesium oxide and calcium bentonite.

8. As a preservative used vegetable sodium salicylate.