BluBeauty by Bioline JaTo Beauty is a promise of happiness

30 June 2018

Bioline SRL is an Italian company that has been working in the field of beauty since 1979. During this time the company has accumulated profound knowledge in this industry. Secrets of beauty have always been valuable in all civilizations from the epochs dated to our era. The ability to store such knowledge was a privilege of priests and healers, they were passed on to students who eventually took their place. The ability to develop and improve recipes, the procedures themselves are not many. Only the best and the most talented can do this today, so the rights of many new cosmetology technologies are protected by the manufacturer.

In order to inform about its uniqueness, Biolain always used blue as a symbol that best represents beauty. What do you associate this color with? Immediately before your eyes, the boundless sky, the canvas of the sea on a sunny day, which are a sign of purity, safety and tranquility.

Bioline is distinguished by the key rules that the company representatives want to transfer to the cosmetology market. An exception was not the official representation of Bioline JaTo in the city of Donetsk, the company "ProfKosmo Donetsk".

Firstly, it's clean, because Biolain always works with pure active ingredients, extracted exclusively from nature.

Secondly, security, since this idea runs through the entire production chain, from research and development carried out exclusively in Italian laboratories, where the self and tested for safety and efficacy testing of all new products. The final stage of this chain is the production process, which is certified by leading Italian and international institutions. Each newly introduced product is tested during the year before it enters the market and as a result becomes an instrument in the hands of the master. It is worth noting ensuring the effective control and transparency of test results with the support of the above-mentioned institutions.

Many religions and beliefs mark blue as the color of introspection and inner peace, generating calmness with which every woman and every man can comprehend spiritual harmony by improving the physical body and health promotion. Counting on this Bioline JaTo as well as its character is synonymous with purity, loyalty, positive attitude, the right way. Bioline - it's not just a company, it's a lifestyle, after trying which you will not be able to give it up.

The concept of blue color, and as a consequence of the specific dialectics of the company Bioline introduced since 2015. New cosmetic methodology and as a consequence of supernovae conceptual apparatus used in the organization and its branches is considered to be a new vocabulary Beauty, consisting of specially designed terms of Italian root Blu (blue) and part of the English words: BluBeauty, BluMethod, BluTouch, BluWorld. This terminology emphasizes the dual essence of the company, Bioline is a completely Italian brand, but with recognition throughout the world.

Each new word speaks about the company's distinctive value:

- visible results, deep and lasting exclusive Biolin method is possible due to the meeting of extraordinary effective methods of treatment and specialized massage;

- a unique touch of cosmetologists Beauty Expert, formed directly by the company;

- Exclusive training in the Academy, which began almost forty years ago.

Business is the experience of the Bioline family.

Blue color is not just a symbol, but a creation of a new imagery. On the new posters of the company, which are made from photographs, where the client and the cosmetologist are together in the same comfortable halo of well-being. The result of the new communication strategy, a brilliant and vivid illustrations that provide all kind of beauty promise in various shades of blue, and these shades: happiness, beauty, harmony with yourself, the joy of life and perfection. This is exactly what Bioline JaTo and its permanent partner in Donetsk, "ProfKosmo Donetsk" company, guarantee to their partners.

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