Разгадайте ключевое слово, отгадав слова по горизонтали.

1) Newly washed

2) Bollywood country

3) Quite unpleasant

4) The daughter of your brother or sister

5) Creature from outer space./Unfamiliar, strange/1979 film directed by Ridley Scott

6) Someone employed to show new clothes/Example to follow

7) Arctic or Atlantic

8) A sound, especially a loud or disturbing one


Ключевое слово:
Spice used in baking


Clean - чистый
India - Индия
Nasty - противный, неприятный, гадкий
Niece - племянница
Alien - инопланетянин; чужой
Model - модель; образец
Ocean - океан
Noise - шум
Cinnamon - корица



Because they're clean? (Seinfeld)

Stewie, I'm going to India. (Family Guy)

-It's a nasty cough you got there.
-What cough? (Seinfeld)

- Of course. - My niece told me you were different. (Seinfeld)

When the aliens come, who do you think they're gonna relate to? (Seinfeld)

- Kramer, she's a model.
- Exactly. (Seinfeld)

And threw it in the ocean, huh? (Seinfeld)

Well, I heard a noise. (Seinfeld)

There's chocolate, and there's cinnamon. (Seinfeld)