A coin with a defect is auctioned for price 2,000 times its face value

A £2 coin with a defect is auctioned on eBay for £4,000.

Stranger things On eBay again - a "rare" coin with a face value of £2 is auctioned for crazy £4,000. This is 2,000 times its face value.

At first glance the coin looks quite normal, but on closer examination the defect is noticeable. Nothing special - between the inner silver rim and the outer gold there is a small gap. However, for crazy collectors this is enough to throw out a lot of money.

It seems that the Royal Mint is aware of the collectors' preferences and intentionally allows defects to warm up interest in the British currency.

Comparisons time: Recently a Meadow Springs man has been fined $5,100 for possession of great white shark jaws in his home. He could pay the fine with just one £2 coin.

By the way, £4,000 is not that much. In Philadelphia a coin with an estimated value of almost $5m is going for auction