дома нескучно
Как весело и с пользой пережить самоизоляцию

At 21, she is the youngest woman to have a face transplant.

17 August 2018

Katie Stubblefield's face was severely damaged in a gun suicide attempt when she was 18 years old in 2014.

The complicated surgery lasted over 30 hours at the Cleveland clinic when she turned 21. [The photo on the right the results of the operation]

Katie admitted that when she was first told about such an operation, she had no idea that such a procedure exists.

"When my parents explained everything to me, I was very happy to get my face back and start a normal life."

Of course, one of the first understandings that comes with age is that there are worse things than death.

And also ironic that she comes from nature was such a person for which some women would kill anyone, just to have the same. A real tragedy.