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To buy a house and pay for her studies, a 22-year-old Brazilian woman sells her virginity

17 August 2018

Online auctions of virginity are sites where girls offer to buy their innocence to someone who will pay more. "Sellers" admit that they are looking for a way to repay debts, cover loans or pay for their studies.

22-year-old student from Brazil, Daniel Brin opened the auction in June. The girl intends to sell her virginity at a price not lower than 300 thousand euros. She will spend the money to pay for her studies and buy a house for herself, her mother and her younger sister. The girl is very shy and admits that she has never even been on a date. But example other virgins, earned on first sex, inspired its. "I hope my first man turns out to be a gentleman," she admits

Auction rules are simple: the winner is the one who will offer the largest amount. The winner must arrive at the meeting in Brazil, provide documents on the absence of sexually transmitted diseases and use a condom. Myself and Daniel will also provide information on the health and virginity. To ensure that nothing happens to the girl, there will be a bodyguard.

The only thing Daniel is afraid of is being judged by his mother and sister. The girl does not want the auction somehow touched her family, so she hides her face. She didn't tell anyone about her idea, just her best friend. "I want to invest in my career by building my own business to protect my future. I hope that I will be able to provide a life without financial difficulties for my family," says Daniel.