дома нескучно
Как весело и с пользой пережить самоизоляцию

Today is another end of the world, everyone ready?

17 August 2018

In the global network there was another horror story about the coming end of the world, which this time was appointed on August 16, 2018

Conspiracy theorists, esotericists, ufologists and other "experts" claim that the cause of the current "Apocalypse" will be the influence of the sinister planet Nibiru (Planet X), which is approaching the Solar system and should bring earthlings terrible trouble. According to another version, the comet "Incredible Hulk" is approaching the Earth, the size of which is twice the size of Jupiter.

Earlier, the Russian media literally brought down a flurry of publications on the Runet that August 16, 2018, we are waiting for the end of the world because of the planet Nibiru, which will destroy all life on Earth.

According to one of the scenarios, the killer planet will have to crash into the Earth, pushing it out of orbit and destroying it into pieces. All living things will immediately die, the atmosphere will be lost, and in space will remain only charred earth fragments.

According to the gravitational version of Nibiru will displace the Earth from orbit because of its monstrous gravity. Volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and other natural disasters will occur massively on our planet. The air will be filled with ash, through which the light of the Sun will not be able to break through, and humanity will die out like dinosaurs.

The alien version says that at that moment when Nibiru will be in dangerous proximity to the Earth, to mankind aliens who will change a trajectory of flight of a planet-murderers will help and will rescue people from death.

In turn, conspiracy theorists believe that NASA and Roscosmos know about Nibiru, but do not specifically disclose this information to avoid panic. Leading billionaires are already preparing a special spaceships that will help them escape from the Earth.

And, as assure "people who know", the representatives of the global elite are preparing, moneybags began to hide in specially prepared underground bunkers.

It is worth noting that we have already experienced more than one "end of the world", the most "loud" of them – December 21, 2012. Since the Apocalypse and death of all living things predict regularly. So, exactly a year ago, numerologist David Mead announced that the end of the world because of the planet Nibiru will certainly come in the fall of 2017, and appointed two dates at once-September 23 and November 19.

By the way, NASA space Agency scientists have officially confirmed the existence of the "killer planet" Nibiru, but specified that this space object is absolutely safe, both for humanity and for the planet Earth.

And on April 23 this year predicted the Third world war, which will begin with the advent of the deadly planet Nibiru in the sky and the Antichrist on Earth.

Of course, humanity has nothing to fear this time.