The poor man from Uzbekistan, came to work in Russia and for a couple of months became a millionaire!

Alimat Azizov arrived in Russia to work with Uzbekistan four months ago. Now he is a millionaire. We were able to talk with him.

Alimat Azizov, 24-year-old resident of Tashkent city, recently arrived in Russia to work with nothing. When, as it seemed to him, situation in life was already worse than ever, he left his hometown and decided to go to Russia. "In my hometown did not hold anything. No work, with family rarely seen. When I told my parents I was going - they supported me. After all, it's a window into a new life." says Alimat.

"In Russia, Moscow, even the janitor gets a good by the standards of the Uzbekistan money. I decided to get a job. My friends after work, had fun, walked around the city, and I was sitting in the house (me and 8 friends rented a house) and sought additional sources of income.

Back in hometown, I fell in love with the car - Chevrolet Camaro. He drove past me. I could not tear my gaze from him and realized that this is my dream! And for the past month I have brand new Camaro!

Things have changed just in the last 2 months

the Expense of Alimta Azizov in the Bank

When I went to Russia, I gave myself a clear goal - to get rich. To get a taste of life.. When friends walked, watched the streets of Moscow, I sat and read the forums about earnings and there learned that good money is now raised on online games.

In short: you bet on a simple schema and win machines. Within 24 hours you get a profit, which is up to 50% depending on the amount of your initial investment. I received a salary of 11,000 rubles per month. Each month I set aside 1,000 rubles and was able to save up 4000 for 4 months. Threw for a score and started to work.

24 hours later I received my first profit and withdrew to your wallet. I worked through this PLAYGROUND. As I remember, I invested 4000 rubles, which immediately turned into 4800 and free spins, because now there is a promotion 20% on the first Deposit and earned the first 6320 rubles. I continued to play, I borrowed from roommates 5,000 and increased its winnings in the afternoon the next day before 12430 rubles! But glad I took the time to check and ordered the withdrawal of money earned. Soon I got my first money earned on the Internet and my happiness knew no bounds.

Half of this sum I took for the current expenses and the other half invested for the next bet. The month I worked on this platform and have brought your account balance to an impressive 3 680 000. And for the next month, another podnataskalsya I gained another 10 000 000 and this amount is constantly growing."