How to remove the plasticizer film on the windshield?

If you started to notice reduced visibility, distorted or blurred stop signals in front of the driving car through the windshield, it most likely just needs a good cleaning. Most people understand this, and they tend to grab a plain paper towel and a glass cleaner and begin to rub, that's not enough to solve the problem. "Dirt" is actually inside the car, and common tools here will not be effective.

The culprits in this are plasticizers. They can not be seen without an armed eye, but they are there because they are responsible for the "new car smell" and the effect of polishing plastic from aerosols. From the dashboard, especially at the solstice, evaporation begins and this "chemistry" covers the inside of the windshield with a yellowish plastic film that can not be removed with traditional tools.

We use:

Towels made of microfiber.
Scrubber for cleaning glasses (it is difficult to find, most likely you will have to look in Chinese car goods or simply order with aliexpress). The scrubber brush should not be metal.
Foam cleaner glass.

So, step by step:

1. We impose on the front panel of old clothes, so that when the robot does not fall on it drops and debris.

2. Prepare the scrubber for operation (as instructed). Apply foam to one corner of the windshield.

3. Since the working part of the "apparatus" is harsh, this film will begin to erupt. Swipe down and down until you feel the difference.

4. Once the scrubber has done its magic work, wipe the remnants of a microfibre cloth. Apply the foam again and just wipe it again (without scrubbing).

5. Wipe the treated part with a dry towel. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other side.

6. Apply the wiper spray to the entire surface of the windshield and wipe with a clean cloth.


So this film is quite difficult to detect, it will be well seen in the evening. Look from the outside at different angles. If you have found the rest of the film, repeat the process for this section.